The End and Other Beginnings

Minnie Wilkinson

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Tue 14th Mar
18:45 (
60 mins)
Live Music,New Writing,Storytelling
Pay More If You Can | Tickets From: £8.00
Age Guidance: 12+
Contains strong language and some descriptions which younger audiences may find distressing.
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When hard times come, when hope is lost, when it seems like this really might be it, we tell stories.

You know how stories end. You might think you know why Orpheus turned his head. Why you must always sleep under a neon light. And what will happen when the candles go out. Endings are powerful things, they can change your life if you let them. But afterwards, well… you never know what might begin.

Award-winning storyteller Minnie Wilkinson will take you on a journey through the light and shade of hopeful dystopian tales in her uniquely warm and characterful way. Featuring a live soundscape by Sound Artist Sam Enthoven.

Other Performances:

Tue 14th Mar
Wed 15th Mar

Minnie Wilkinson

Cast & Creative Team Created by: MINNIE WILKINSON
Sound Artist: SAM ENTHOVEN


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