Vlad Ilich: Hi, my name is Immigrant (WIP)

Vlad Ilich

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Sat 18th Feb
18:45 (
60 mins)
As Seen on TV,International,Stand-Up
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Where are you from?

I’d tell you but I’d make a mistake – my country has changed names twice since I was born!

Why are you here?

Vlad: Everyone says the West is great… turns out, it’s just like back home.

Are you and your dirty immigrant friends planning to stay?

Vlad: No! Don’t worry, Albania is way better.

How have you contributed to the society while being here?

Vlad: By doing the work you don’t want to because you’re lazy.

What do you think of our prime minister?

Vlad: He’s a top cunt!

If you want the longer version of these answers, come to the show or ask for my number from the Home Office.
Alternatively, you can contact Priti Patel.

Other Performances:

Tue 24th Jan
Sat 18th Feb

Vlad Ilich


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