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Promotions For Shows at VAULT Festival 2020

A list of promotions you can sign up to be a part of in order to help boost exposure or sales for your show! Please note that your inclusion in each promotion will not be instantaneous and that we require 48 hours to process all requests.
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Box Office Deadlines

For VAULT Festival 2020, our On Sale dates will be staggered across November and December. These four initial ‘On Sale’ dates are listed below, and are spaced a week apart. Each date includes a specific deadline (2 weeks prior to the on sale date) for your Eventotron information to be submitted (and completed). Forms submitted after each deadline will be put into the next available On Sale after information has been received.
Please fill out your Eventotron General Information, Box Office & Ticketing, and Marketing & Press forms as soon as possible.

Mon 28th October (12:00) Eventotron Deadline for: 1st Onsale (12th November)
Mon 4th November (12:00) Eventotron Deadline for: 2nd Onsale (19th November)
Mon 11th November (12:00) Eventotron Deadline for: 3rd Onsale (26th November)
Mon 18th November (12:00) Eventotron Deadline for: 4th Onsale (3rd December)
7th January Company Passess submitted via Eventotron.
Passes submitted after this date will take up to 14 days to process.