VAULT Video Club is so cool, but…

How Does It Work?

So glad you asked! In the war against betamax, it never hurts to be too prepared.
It’s easy as one, two, three:


Each Show Video is available to view for a Weekend, which, like all weekends, starts at 7pm on Thursday and ends at midnight on Sunday.


To get access to a show, you’ll need a ticket, but fear not YOU pick the price. We recommend £10, but whatever you pay goes towards supporting the Artists, Vault Creative Arts and covering the costs of VAULT Video Club.


Once you’ve got your ticket for a show, you’ll get an email with instructions on how you can watch the show, right in your browser, any time during its Weekend. If you really like it (and we think you will), you can make top-up donations to increase your contribution.

That’s it!


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