The Lost Week

VAULT Festival 2020’s final day was the 15th of March. We were due to run for one more week. As a result of our early closure, the 97 companies & artists listed below lost their chance to perform after having invested huge amounts of time and money into their work.

Some ways you can help:

1. If you’ve already bought a ticket to one of these productions, and you have the means to, please consider leaving it with us as a donation. It’ll be split between the company and the festival as if the show had gone ahead.

2. Follow and support these artists & companies on social media (their handles are in the list below), and follow our social media (@vaultfestival) for updates on when they may be doing upcoming productions, or releasing streaming versions of shows.

3. Support theatres, comedy venues and festivals as the industry attempts to weather this unprecedented storm. You can help VAULT Festival directly by donating or buying our remaining stock of merchandise.

(Wo)men Rule Broadway – West End Edition

(Wo)men Rule Broadway and Kelly Coughlin

Tired of always being an accessory, we decided that it is time for women to rule the stage! A night of singing, dancing, live musicians, and reclaiming the good parts.

@womenrulebway on Twitter


Unlikely Productions

Join a crack team of marketing strategists, assembled to make the one-child policy sound like an appealing prospect to the unwitting UK public.
***** Broadway World UK (The Apologists)

@UnlikelyProduc1 on Twitter


Angus Harrison

A play about luck and the stories we tell about money. Natalie picks over the moments of her life trying to understand when things began to fall apart.

@a_n_g_u_s on Twitter

A Beautiful Way To Be Crazy

Genevieve Carver & The Unsung

A tale of growing up, finding a voice and listening to Joni Mitchell. Innovative gig theatre fusing audio from interviews with female musicians with poetry, live music and teenage diaries.

@theunsungpoetry on Twitter

A Lightweight Disposable Product


An explosive, poetic and rebellious spectacle exploring one young, mixed race woman’s journey from teenage runaway to becoming one of the UK’s first women in punk.

@alinementprods on Twitter

About 500

Simona Hughes

“A bold new play for our times” (Fertility Fest)
How can contemporary women fit it all in?
A show about eggs and time, and the cruel lack of both.

@about500theatre on Twitter

Amy Annette Stands Up For Herself (Work in Progress)

Amy Annette

Stand up from the host of hit comedy podcast What Women* Want. Join Amy Annette to hear about bread (good), leaning in (hard on the back) and more.

@dramyannette on Twitter

Andy Field: The Magic Notebook (Work in Progress)

Andy Field

Award winning comedian Andy Field is the proud owner of a magic notebook which he will tell you more about if you come to the show

@AndyAndyField on Twitter

Beach Body Ready

The Roaring Girls

Shaving? Tanning? Over-exercising? Cabbage-souping? Starving? Don’t bother, we’re not. Grab your pals and your biscuits and watch Beach Body Ready!

@theroaringgirls on Twitter

Best In Class

Best In Class

A comedy showcase of the hottest rising stars on their journey to perform at the worlds biggest arts festival. With one common theme, they’re all working class and working hard!

@morriseysquiff on Twitter

Bilal Zafar: CARE (Work in Progress)

Bilal Zafar

Bilal worked in a ridiculous care home for the elderly for a year. The residents were all millionaires while Bilal was on £6.50/hr on a zero hour contract.

@zafarcakes on Twitter



Welcome to the Kingdom of Skadi. With the King’s daughter captured by an evil dragon, who will survive in this quest of epic proportions and formidable consequences?

@BEASTH0USE on Twitter

Bobby Mair: Cockroach (Work in Progress)

Bobby Mair

He’s survived adoption, his moms dying, mental breakdowns, addiction and borderline personality disorder. Can anything kill Bobby Mair? An hour of dark, gut-wrenching stand up from one of the best comedians in the country.

@bobbymair on Twitter

Brain of Brittain

Jon Brittain

Olivier Award-winning playwright Jon Brittain’s egotistically titled scratch night returns! Readings of new plays alongside revivals of shorts. Previous nights included try-outs of Rotterdam and Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho.

@jonbrittain on Twitter

Brainchild presents Let Me Be Your Plantasy


Plant-life is re-claiming and re-wilding Planet Earth, and we must do the same: break free and go wild for an epic celebration with immersive artworks, music, comedy and dancing.

@brainchildfest on Twitter

Charlie Dinkin: Clowning For Daddy

Charlie Dinkin

Charlie wants success, and she’ll do anything to get it (except clowning). An hour of pathetic stand up from a beautiful idiot. No clowns. No refunds. “Comedy” – Metro.

@charliedinkin on Twitter

Chloe Petts: Alpha (Work in Progress)

Chloe Petts

Rising star Chloe Petts presents a work-in-progress of her stand-up show, Alpha. She explores gender and sexuality and considers why she’s so violent during non-contact sports.

@ChloePetts on Twitter

Christopher Bliss (Work in Progress)

United Agents

Christopher Bliss, Shropshire’s worst writer, is back with an hour of drivel, discussing his new self-appointed role of Village Laureate.

“This is how character comedy should be done.” – CHORTLE

on Twitter

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd (Work in Progress)

Off the Kerb

Best-reviewed Scottish stand-up show of the Edinburgh Fringe 2018.
‘Endlessly enjoyable’ ★★★★ – Skinny
‘Genius writing’ ★★★★ – The List

on Twitter

Coming Out Of My Cage (And I’ve Been Doing Just Fine)

Shepard Tone

Mr Brightside’ hasn’t left the UK charts in 16 years. How did it end up like this? An interactive investigation with karaoke, lip syncing and absolute bangers.

@tone_shepard on Twitter

Crizards: Untitled Cowboy Project


The UK’s lowest energy double act (Crizards) explore the Wild West.
“Very clever, very wry, very well performed” Beyond the Joke
As seen on BBC Three

@crizards on Twitter

Crybabies: A Work in Progress


Join Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominees Crybabies for a work in progress of their latest surreal sketch adventure. ‘Highly impressive’ **** The Guardian

@crybabiescomedy on Twitter

CRYSTAL CLEAR (Work in Progress)

Ophelie Hocquard

Just your usual coming of age story, about a Parisian girl, who moved to the UK, accidentally became a stand-up comedian, discovered meditation, and somehow turned into a crystal healer.

@opheliecomedy on Twitter

David McIver: Festival!

David McIver

A work in progress character comedy show. I think it’s going to be about music festivals, being 17 years old, and indie bands from the late 2000s. **** Chortle.

@bigdavidmciver on Twitter


Fever Dream Theatre

Christophe and Tom are digging. Time is running out; the ceiling creeks and the air is getting thin.
Exclusive immersive production from creators of the award-winning sell-out Wrecked.

@feverdream31 on Twitter

Ed MacArthur: The Mistakable Sound of Ed MacArthur

Ed MacArthur

Join award-winning Ed MacArthur in this madcap, multi-instrumental, one-man musical comedy. MacArthur’s debut at the Vaults will delight audiences with his razor-sharp wit and stunning musicianship.

@Ed_MacArthur on Twitter


Isabelle Farah

An autobiographical show about performing and life at the awkward intersection between comedy, theatre, and storytelling that explores how to deal with grief, be authentic, and still be funny.

@irresponsabelle on Twitter

Far Gone

John Rwothomack

Far Gone is a gut kicking one-man performance about the transformation of a boy into a child soldier by Uganda’s notorious LRA told with humour, poetry, and startling physical theatre.

@fargoneplay on Twitter

Fiona Ridgewell (Work in Progress)

Fiona Ridgewell

A work in progress following Fiona’s training for a white collar boxing match. A woman in 2019/20 surrounded by men, making her way to be the ultimate champion.

@fionaridgewell on Twitter

Four of a Kind


Four brand new companies.
Four incredible ideas.
Four of a Kind is a night not to miss.

Four young companies share new work. Supported by Wildcard.

@wildcardtheatre on Twitter

Fucked Up Fairytales

The Embers Collective

Storytelling and music ensemble, The Embers Collective presents an evening of fairytales not fit for children (but bring them anyway).

@the_embers on Twitter

Gráinne Maguire: I Say This With Love

Gráinne Maguire

Gráinne Maguire ( as seen on Dave’s UnSpun and heard on Radio 4) brings a best of show to the Vaults festival. “A must see from a comedian at the top of her game” – Edinburgh Festivals

on Twitter

Harriet Kemsley (Work in Progress)

United Agents

Harriet is vegan, allergic to raw fruit, vegetables and nuts. Can she survive the show? (8 Out of 10 Cats, Bobby & Harriet Get Married, Live at The Comedy Store)

on Twitter



Armed with just himself and a chair; Lewis Doherty presents HAWK. A One Man Sci To Horror story and the final installment of the BEAST TRILOGY!

@BEASTH0USE on Twitter

Head of State

Grande Productions

Set in the fictional country of Nechora, HEAD OF STATE follows newly elected Mo, as he accidentally becomes an over-the-phone therapist to the world’s most powerful leaders.

@HeadofStateShow on Twitter

Helen Duff Is The Tits (Work in Progress)

Helen Duff

Helen Duff is the tits…and she doesn’t give a damn who knows it.

A deliciously unpredictable provocateur who makes crafting a cult classic look like child’s play. WIP.

duffmarvel on Twitter


Richard Marsh

A triple Fringe First-winning team take you to 2059. Adventures. Bandits. Sword fights. Spaceships. True love and certain death. The Day After Tomorrow meets The Princess Bride in this apocalomcom.

@richardbmarsh on Twitter

I’m OKayfabe: A Wrestling Comedy

Fake Heat

Two failing humans smash the lights out of each other, trying to pin down what it is to be a woman in a hilarious, rambunctious late-night wrestling slobberknocker.

@fake_heat on Twitter


MIO Projects

Invisibles by Argentinian writer Lola Lagos platforms the voices of two Latin women who despite being robbed from their dignity and freedom, never succumb to losing their spirit.

@mioprojects on Twitter

Ivo Graham: Work in Progress

Off The Kerb

‘Has star in the making coming off him like steam’ ★★★★ – Telegraph
‘A hugely enjoyable hour of stand-up comedy’ ★★★★ – Times

on Twitter


James Rowland

Two masters of their craft. Writer/performer/emotional man James Rowland
Actor/Comedian/Dancer Tom Bell.

Together AGAIN! As literally nobody asked for.

Cheap Tickets. Cheap Thrills. Cheap Laughs. Expensive Therapists.

@jdsrowland on Twitter

Jamie Oliphant: The Oliphant In The Room

Jamie Oliphant

Affable dweeb but viciously misanthropic cyclist, Jamie, takes us through his first years teaching, navigating his way through some fairly explosive ordeals.

@jamiedoescomedy on Twitter

Jekyll and Hyde

Fire Hazard Games Limited

What foul deeds did you do last night? Enter the twisted world of Jekyll/Hyde in a game that blends smartphone technology with narrative storytelling and real-world characters.

@FireHazardGames on Twitter

Jenny Bede (Work in Progress)

Jenny Bede

In preparation for her 4th Edinburgh show, Jenny Bede tries out some new jokes and sings some new songs in what will hopefully be a show by then.

on Twitter

Jenny Bede: The Musical

Jenny Bede

Much like Greggs and Nationalism, Musical Theatre is having a moment. Ever the fair weather friend, Jenny wants in on the action and attempts to write her own.

on Twitter

Jordan Brookes: This is Just What Happens

Fight in the Dog Ltd

An hour of semi-improvised time-filling. I can’t promise anything. I don’t know what I’ll be talking about. I’ve no idea what this will be.

@jordbrookes on Twitter

Josh Jones: Waste of Space (Work in Progress)

Off the Kerb

Heard on BBC Radio 4. BBC New Comedian of the Year Finalist 2019
Pleasance Comedy Reserve 2019. Chortle One to Watch list 2019

on Twitter

Kai Humphries: Team Smug

MZA & Punchdrunk Present – Kai Humphries

High-octane, happy-go-lucky, Geordie stand-up comedian who tours in over 40 countries. ‘Happy, original and surreal… immensely gifted stand-up’ (Skinny); ‘Enormous fun, warm and positive’ (Chortle); ‘Side-splittingly funny’ (Fest).

on Twitter

Late Night Gimp Fight and Enemies

Late Night Gimp Fight

Late Night Gimp Fight are wiping down the masks once again and this time they’re bringing some younger, more talented comedians with them for the ride…

@gimpfight on Twitter


Imagine designing your own planet. What colour would the sea be? How many legs would a donkey have? What would the farts smell like? Well now’s your chance to choose!

The Incredible Rebel All-Stars

@iamsamquinn on Twitter



Mawaan just finished touring UK/ Australia with Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye. After a sell-out Edinburgh Fringe, he’s back to shape a new bonkers show. (BBC2’s Live At The Apollo)

@MawaanR on Twitter

Meatshapes With Feelings

Siân Docksey

A show about how being an alcoholic stripper taught Siân to love and accept men. ★★★★ “Joy and bewilderment in equal measure” – The Skinny (Work-in-progress)

@siandocksey on Twitter


Becks Turner

Melonade is a fierce, funny and full-of-glitter gameshow that tears apart the legacy of Michael Gove’s laughable education policies and celebrates the fact that no two brains are the same!

becksturneruk on Twitter

Michael Stranney (Work in Progress)

Michael Stranney

Join writer and star of the Rose D’or nominated series Ballybeg Post Office, Michael Stranney as he works on his new hour.

@mstranney on Twitter

Mickey Bartlett: Love It!

MZA & Nunchuck Productions

Irish star from BBC’s ‘Blame Game’, ‘Monumental’ and fluffer for Netflix’s ‘Flinch’. Strap in, you’re gonna love it! ‘Accomplished… always funny’ (Broadway Baby), ‘Impressive… a stand-up natural… Masterful’ ★★★★ (Chortle)

on Twitter

Miles Apart Together

Paper Smokers

From cycling around the world to doing spectacular airshows or climbing the highest mountains, Annie, Bessie and Junko fought the prejudice that surrounded them. But where are their stories now?

@Paper_Smokers on Twitter

Moonlight Hustle

Rogue Productions

The biggest competition in the criminal calendar and you’ve nabbed yourself an invite.

Treasures are on display. Whoever can steal with style before midnight is the champion.

@rogueimmersive on Twitter

Mother, with The Embers Collective

The Embers Collective

Come and join storytelling and music ensemble The Embers Collective for a night of stories about the most brilliant, brave and bloodthirsty MOTHERS in myth and folklore.

@the_embers on Twitter

Mustard Doesn’t Go With Girls

Bric à Brac Theatre

When the children of Bow-on-Tie start disappearing, Abigail embarks on a music-filled adventure to uncover the towns’ secrets and prove that girls are made of more than sugar and spice.

@_BricaBrac_ on Twitter

Nathan Cassidy: Observational

The Rat Pack Productions Ltd

Award-winning comedian Nathan Cassidy’s true story of his magical, life-changing year. BEST SHOW LEICESTER COMEDY FESTIVAL 2020 NOMINEE ‘Something special is going down’ **** Mumble 2019 ‘Great show!!!’ Trevor Lock

@nathancassidy on Twitter

Nathan D’Arcy Roberts: Someone’s Son (Work in Progress)

Nathan D’Arcy Roberts

Award-nominated stand-up comedian Nathan D’Arcy Roberts brings a work-in-progress of his newest hour to VAULT Festival.

@MrDarcyRoberts on Twitter

Olive Hands (Work In Progress)

Beth Vyse

Beth Vyse returns as Olive Hands in this work in progress show: The Hands Have It! where she finds herself running for leader of the Western world.

on Twitter


Vacuum Theatre

Passengers, by award-winning UK trans artist Kit Redstone and director Jessica Edwards, explores the epic battles within the psyche and the beautiful power of the mind to protect itself.

@vacuumtheatre on Twitter

Patrick Spicer (Work in Progress)

Patrick Spicer

Patrick Spicer (Nominee – Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year, Writer/Star – BBC3) returns to VAULT festival with a dead cheeky work-in-progress of his much anticipated debut hour.

@patrickspicers on Twitter

Pick-Ups (Work in Progess)

Alex Lynch and Fraser Millward

Pick-ups: Mistakes. Retakes. F**k-ups. A behind-the-scenes look at TVs hardest game show – Stratagem! “Sharp acerbic wit.” The Telegraph “Hysterical entertainment” **** ThreeWeeks **** Shortcom

@frasermillward on Twitter

Plant Fetish

Chanje Kunda

Chanje was suffering with anxiety when she discovered that plants soothe the soul.
She then learnt that some women in Mexico, fed up with men, were getting married to trees.

@ChanjeKunda on Twitter

POLICE COPS: Badass Be Thy Name


Multi award-winning POLICECOPS comedy blockbuster. MANCHESTER 1999. Kitchen-sink drama turns into vampire-slaying horror. Winners: Amused Moose Comedy Award 2018. ‘I paid £12, I would’ve paid £13’ (Dara Ó Briain).

@PoliceCops_ on Twitter


SPYCE Collective

PYNEAPPLE explores the minds of five young black women on different journey’s on their life, yet still connect through their individual battles with mental health, sexuality, discrimination and self-love.

@spycecollective on Twitter

Queerstory, with The Embers Collective

The Embers Collective

Queerstory- a colourful, queer night of LGBTQ+ themed mythology and folklore; digging into these old tales, bringing their queer themes to light in all their rainbow coloured glory.

@the_embers on Twitter

Recovery Town

Ella Prendergast

A one-woman show and based on real events, Recovery Town is a dark scrapbook of storytelling, clowning, illustration and standup, exploring one woman’s recovery through the eyes of their daughter.

@ellacomedy on Twitter

Resonate : Brand Nouveau Initiative VAULT Edition

Nouveau Riche

A pulsating lyrical journey into the mind of a young man battling addiction fusing hip hop, movement and spoken word. A gripping new play from multi-award winning Nouveau Riche.

@infonvrch on Twitter

Robin Morgan (Work in Progress)

Robin Morgan

A work-in-progress from the “utterly hilarious: (Broadway Baby) writer of The Mash Report (BBC Two) and The News Quiz (BBC R4). **** Sunday Times

@robinjaymorgan on Twitter


Metamorph Theatre

And I look at the barman. And I look at Keith. And I see a piece of him die inside. And I feel a piece of me die with him.’

@M_MorphTheatre on Twitter

Sian Davies: About Time

Sian Davies

Growing up is hard, but most people manage it. Sian Davies (Hilarity Bites Winner 2018) waited until she was 27 to grow up. Everyone agreed; it was about time.

@morriseysquiff on Twitter

Siblings: The Siblinginging Returns

Objectively Funny

After selling-out Soho Theatre and Edinburgh Fringe, Character-comedians and IRL-sisters Maddy and Marina are back physically bigger and mentally smaller than ever before

A Kaleidoscopic fever dream ***** EntertainmentFocus

@siblings_comedy on Twitter

Silent Meat

Blue Touch Paper Productions

A queer romance finds itself rubbing up against the stories of other people learning to love and lose in the 21st century.

@DJFLevesley on Twitter

Smug Sunday: The Rest Revolution

VAULT Festival

Join us for three hours of yawn therapy, sleepy stretches and live lullabies as we explore everything thats brilliant about rest, meditation and switching off for a bit.

@vaultfestival on Twitter

Stepdads: Step Up

Bright Buoy Productions

Strap in for this surreal funk fever dream of a double-act and replace your childhood memories with better ones. From Tom Curzon and Luke Rollason. (‘Hugely Entertaining’ – Chortle)

LukeRollason on Twitter


Bunch of People

When a STORM gets into your home what do you do to protect the ones you love? A raw new look at an explosive mother and daughter relationship.

@storm_theplay on Twitter

Super Scary Film Club (for Kids)

Burn Bright Theatre

You’re invited to Super Scary Film Club. All the scariest films in one night! A family-friendly monster movie marathon for brave kids and braver adults. Join the Club!

@burnbrightplay on Twitter


Stiff & Kitsch Productions

Expect a fast-paced pop-culture romp through the space and time of one relationship, featuring love, existential crises, and the greatest back catalogue of Sci-Fi movies ever made.

@Supernova_play on Twitter

The Ballerina

Outer Gaea Company

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ goes to Africa.

Join Pacifique and Colin for a battle of wills and culture, and decide if you still believe in Democracy.

@outergaea on Twitter

The Cocoa Butter Club

The Cocoa Butter Club

The Cocoa Butter Club are BACK to Decolonise and Moisturise cabaret. Experience the exquisite and unmeasurable talent from QTIPOC, celebrations of burlesque, circus, spoken-word, voguing, comedy & much more.

@cocoabuttershow on Twitter

The Crass Menagerie presents: Crass Hysteria

The Crass Menagerie

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “It is like seeing a cow defecate” … grab your pals because things are going to get dirrty! Queer cabaret at its finest (biodegradable glitter encouraged).

@Crass_Menagerie on Twitter

The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen

OhSo Funny

A storytelling comedy show that’s perfect for families! There will be swords and duels, and elephants and castles built of cheese, and it is all completely and irrefutably true!

TTBaronM on Twitter

The Graham Show: Extra Graham

House of Macabre

Graham de la Cruz is a superstar. The only problem is that no-one knows it. Irelands sassiest performer is on a mission to bring his cabaret extravaganza to the world.

on Twitter

The Guild

Mostly Harmless

Think you know history? Think again! The power behind the power behind the throne have opened their books for the first time in a century. Enlist NOW!

on Twitter

The Kola Nut Does Not Speak English : Brand Nouveau Initiative VAULT Edition

Nouveau Riche

The Kola Nut Does Not Speak English explores the cultural history of a first generation British-Nigerian woman of Igbo descent. A gripping new play from multi award winning Nouveau Riche.

@infonvrch on Twitter

The Magnificent Mind of Marcus

Seemia Theatre

Meet Marcus. Argentinian. Catholic. Straight. Maybe. He doesn’t know anymore, or why he wanted to be Pope. Award-winning Seemia return to VAULT with their dark-comedy bursting with folk-music & physical-theatre.

@SeemiaTheatre on Twitter

The Maniac Complex

Project Lockout

‘I was sold from the first breath.’ Something in Sam’s mind starts to speak. Powerful and physically dynamic – Project Lockout personifies the darkest corner of our mind.

@project_lockout on Twitter

The Night Woman

Julene Robinson

The Night Woman brings exceptional physicality and powerful performance through gripping poetic storytelling, a passionate woman’s journey into the dark will unfold.

@JuleneRobinson on Twitter

VAULT Festival New Writers Showcase

VAULT Festival

Proudly supported by Nick Hern Books, this industry showcase performance features 10 minute extracts of the plays developed as part of the VAULT Festival New Writers Programme.

@vaultfestival on Twitter

Visit Bethlehem

Creative Destruction / Osama Al Azza

When tourists visit Bethlehem the last thing they expect is a tour of Palestine’s smallest refugee camp. A true story, told by a clown, living under military occupation.

@creativdestruc on Twitter

Who Murdered My Cat?

Roann McCloskey

Roann McCloskey returns with her hilarious, award winning approach to story-telling and comedy. Following sell-out shows at Vault 19, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Soho Theatre, Roann is over-sharing once again.

@romeister8 on Twitter


Will Adamsale

Its not that well known that Will Adamsdale is also a mediocre song writer… .

Tonight – in a banging mess of melancholy and regret- witness all 11 results (10 unfinished )

on Twitter

Windows Of Displacement

Toussaint To Move

A powerful and exciting solo show, blending dance, song and spoken word. Exploring diverse identities in today’s England and the shifting and urgent politics surrounding the movement of people.

@Toussainttomove on Twitter



Detective Jay Walker is dead. With no leads and a case colder than ice, it’s up to Patrick Wolf to bust some imaginary heads and find out who killed him…

@BEASTH0USE on Twitter

Zahra Barri (Work in Progress)

Zahra Barri

Truth sets you free. ‘Radical honesty asserts that lying creates stress. Speaking bluntly creates happier people.’
“A buzzy fluffball of comedy unafraid to take risks.” Seen on BBCIPlayer.

@zahrabarri1 on Twitter


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