Desk Work

Christmas CommuniTree #8

Donated by Living Space

“This desk made its home at the Living Space Community Centre, Adventure Playground and MUGA around the corner, and as such has been part of the lives of dozens of people achieving all kinds of things. It’s a little too rickety and rusty to keep up with the fast past of modern life, these days, but Living Space have donated it to the CommuniTree as a testament to its hard work over the years.”

About The CommuniTree

“Desk Work” is secret eight of eight hidden in the CommuniTree: look for the QR Codes to find them all!

The Christmas CommuniTree stands at the corner of Lower Marsh & Baylis Road, Waterloo, London. We created it in November 2020 in response to a brief from WeAreWaterloo, the local BID, to provide a Christmas Tree for our local community, and the many visitors we welcome to Waterloo, with sustainability at its heart. Read more about it here.

We Are Waterloo


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