A Table

Christmas CommuniTree #5

Donated by The Vaults venue from a previous immersive theatre set

“This table, a fine representation of the classic four-legged, flat top model, gives the tree a sense of firmness and solidity. It’s one of the main features of the CommuniTree: we all need some structure and stability this year, and this sturdy table can provide it.”

About The CommuniTree

“A Table” is secret five of eight hidden in the CommuniTree: look for the QR Codes to find them all!

The Christmas CommuniTree stands at the corner of Lower Marsh & Baylis Road, Waterloo, London. We created it in November 2020 in response to a brief from WeAreWaterloo, the local BID, to provide a Christmas Tree for our local community, and the many visitors we welcome to Waterloo, with sustainability at its heart. Read more about it here.

We Are Waterloo


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