Twilight Performances at VAULT Festival

For VAULT Festival 2019 we wanted to bring you even more incredible shows so we’re keeping the programme going even later. Head down on Thursday and Fridays throughout the festival to catch our Twilight Performances, all starting after 10pm with the best comedy, cabaret and podcasts to keep you entertained all night long.

Cabaret & Out Of The Box

Our Cabaret strand brings together music, burlesque, some great parties and probably quite a bit of glitter, alongside incredible theatrical experiences in our Out Of The Box shows.

Cabaret Sauvignon and a Single VAULT Whiskey

Grab a drink and join hosts Stiff and Kitsch (WeGotTickets Musical Comedy Award Winners 2018) for a mixed bill of London’s top musical comedy acts. Laughter guaranteed, hangover optional.

10:30pm | 24 Jan — 08 Mar | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Witt ‘n Camp: Swag

Returning with more music, characters, and baffling tech – including an augmented reality world and an audience controlled robot chef – this is their most ambitious show yet.

10:45pm | 24 Jan & 25 Jan | £12.00 | Get tickets.

An Audience with Yasmine Day

Failed 80’s diva attempts to revive her flagging career with an extravaganza concert of 80s power ballads.

10:50pm | 24 Jan | £10.00 | Get tickets.


LITTLE KING spans the soaring highs and crushing lows of modern queer romance.
‘Murky, sensual, atmospheric pop music with a transformative feel’ Clash

10:30pm | 31 Jan – 1 Feb | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Laurie Black: Space Cadette

Original musical comedy & dark cabaret – let’s go to the moon!
‘Amanda Palmer better watch her back’Broadway Baby

10:50pm | 31 Jan – 1 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Len Blanco: Firing Blancs

Len Blanco is the drag king of your dreams. Woke. Feminist. Recovering boyband member. Vegan (Monday to Thursday). A musical comedy cabaret just for you, girl.

10:35pm | 7 Feb & 1 Mar | £12.00 | Get tickets.


Hypnagogue is open heart surgery for the soul, combining hypnotherapy, storytelling and gong healing to create an entertainment experience unlike any other. Be ready to be transformed.

10:30pm | 7 & 8 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Grant Busé: Touché Busé

Dealing with life’s blows one prick at a time.
Winner Best Cabaret – Adelaide Fringe”

10:00pm | 13 – 15 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Full Moon Cabaret

Berlin’s wittiest, wildest, and most inventive cabaret parades the perverted and the peculiar in an especially subversive Valentine’s Day variety. ‘Erotic and spectacular…’ Indieberlin

10:50pm | 14 – 15 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

The Graham Show

Graham de la Cruz is a superstar. The only problem is that no-one knows it yet. He’s on a mission to tell the world!

10:00pm | 16 – 17 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Cat Loud: To the End of the World

A toast to humanity’s impending doom featuring an eclectic mix of songs and biting wit from Cat Loud. VAULT Origins Award for Outstanding New Work 2018.

10:50pm | 21 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Bar Wotever Bonanza

Bar Wotever Bonanza is a celebration of some of the hottest queer artists on the London cabaret scene right now. Expect power, party, and a damn good time.

10:45pm | 22 Feb & 15 Mar | £15.00 | Get tickets.

The Tropicalia Island

The world is ending. Tropicalia Island still survives and is receiving exotic white refugees. ‘Surreal, very political, delightful dark comedy, not to be missed!’ Andre Pink (Dende Collective).

10:30pm | 28 Feb – 1 Mar | £12.00 | Get tickets.

General Erection (a political cabaret)

Compiling the sharpest and most outrageous acts on the circuit, here is a variety night that caters to both the 52% and the racists who voted to leave!

10:50pm | 7 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Bang Said The Gun

It’s poetry for people who don’t like poetry. A rollercoaster of emotions, it’s loud, raucous, political, trivial, serious and very funny. Normal rules do not apply.

10:35pm | 15 Mar | £15.00 | Get tickets.


A chance to catch some of the very best podcasts, live on our stages.

This Paranormal Life – Live

This Paranormal Life is the comedy podcast where every week we investigate a different paranormal case and Mythbusters-style come to a conclusion whether it’s true or false.

10:45pm | 8 Feb| £6.50 | Get tickets.

RedHanded – Live

Hannah and Suruthi, hosts of hit true crime podcast RedHanded, delve into the notorious Hinterkaifeck farm massacre; a truly disturbing case of incest, murder and mystery.

10:50pm | 8 Feb| £10.00 | Get tickets.


2019 brings you our biggest ever Comedy Festival. Featuring even more shows, more talent and more brazen humour.

Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness

BBC New Comedy Award finalist Isa Bonachera will use a planetarium projector to take you on a guided tour of the cosmos and her broken dreams.

10pm | 23 Jan & 24 Jan | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Foxdog Studios: Robot Chef

Returning with more music, characters, and baffling tech – including an augmented reality world and an audience controlled robot chef – this is their most ambitious show yet.

10:35pm | 24 Jan & 25 Jan | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Tom Parry: THE PWR OF LUV (Work In Progress)

Tom Parry (Best Newcomer Nominee 2015) is back with a brand new hour celebrating life, love and losing your tie. Come see him sweat, shout and muck about a bit.

10:00pm | 25 Jan & 26 Jan | £6.50 | Get tickets.


Super group sensation SORRY, bring you an hour of improvised comedy. ‘An incredible group of talented, ground breaking improvisers, one of the most exciting groups in London’ Cariad Lloyd.

10:45pm | 25 Jan & 15 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

The LOL Word

Fresh from sell-out runs in Edinburgh, Manchester and London, The LOL Word comes to VAULT! Join this gang of queer women stand-up comedians for a hilarious prom night special.

10:50pm | 25 Jan & 15 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

David McIver: Teleport (Work In Progress)

A character comedy show about the lengths we’ll go to in order to escape. ‘Uniquely inventive in its approach to comedy'( As seen on BBC Three & iPlayer.

10:00pm | 30 Jan | £6.50 | Get tickets.

Alison Thea-Skot & Kat Bond: Work In Progress

Fresh, electric character comedy from two critically acclaimed comics: VAULT award winner Kat Bond and Alison Thea-Skot one of the Observer’s Female Millennials Changing Comedy.

10:00pm | 31 Jan | £6.50 | Get tickets.

Russian Roulette

Russian literature is the finest in the world. Gambling devices are also excellent! In this show, we combine Russian literature with gambling devices! Hurray!

10:35pm | 31 Jan | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Police Cops

Police Cops is a cinematic joyride, speeding down Adventure Avenue in a souped-up squad car. Oh, and did I mention…the steering wheel is made out of guns.

10:45pm | 31 Jan – 1 Feb | £19.00 | Get tickets.

Tamsyn Kelly: Work In Progress

Growing up on the edge of the land, on a council estate, surrounded by other families in the exact same situation. What are my old peers doing now?

10:00pm | 1 Feb | £6.50 | Get tickets.

Succubus at VAULT festival

Succubus Magazine has a lot of funny mates. We’re talking award-winning-ly HILARIOUS. So we’re rounding a few of them up for an hour of live comedy.

10:35pm | 1 Feb | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Lucy Farrett: Lois

LOIS. She’ll avenge the death of your mother, your brother, even your good-for-nothin’ goldfish Margaret. An Action Hero Character Comedy.’Leftfield, unhinged creations with impeccable delivery.’ The List

10:00pm | 2 Feb | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Desiree Burch: Work In Progress

The breakout star of Netflix’s ‘Flinch’, BBC’s ‘The Mash Report’ and ‘Live At The Apollo’ brings a new hour of authentic and acerbic comedy.

10:00pm | 3 Feb | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Young Corbyn: An Origin Story

In a world where it is North Islington, only one man stands between Holloway and Camden. Witness the creation of the legend; whoah, Jeremy Corbyn.

10:00pm | 6 – 10 Feb | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Sketch You Up!

Familiar sketches with a contemporary twist. A world of pushy mums, call centre operators and a world where being straight, is unique. Brace yourselves as we Sketch You Up!

10:50pm | 7 Feb | £15.00 | Get tickets.


PART THEATRE. PART GAME. PART IMPROV COMEDY. Neil Connolly, your Spymaster, has lost an agent in the field. There’s a mystery to solve, villains to thwart and secrets to steal.

10:45pm | 8 – 22 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Mortified Live London

A special Valentines edition. We call the lonely hearts of London to come and rejoice with us, as we share stories of embarrassing, misguided, teenage quests for love.

10:45pm | 15 Feb | £12.00 | Get tickets.

Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content (Work in Progress)

Addicted to technology? Come get your fix. Welcome to an endless stream of sponsored comedy content that is guaranteed to make us all mutual friends.

10:00pm | 20 Feb | £6.50 | Get tickets.

Luke Kempner: Work In Progress

Luke Kempner is touring in 2019 and he’s working up some new material. He will try New Sketches and new impressions.

10:00pm | 21 & 22 Feb | £6.50 | Get tickets.

The MMORPG Show III – Scruffy Looking Nerd Herder

From the maker of Knightmare Live comes the award winning improvised, comedy role playing game suitable for noobs and afficianados alike. Nerds will gather, dice will roll.

10:50pm |22 Feb & 1 Mar| £10.00 | Get tickets.

EGG: Work In Progress

Anna and Emily are “everything you want from sketch comedy” ***** (MCM Magazine) and they’re ready to take over the world! (And/or write a new show- probably the latter).

10:00pm |23 & 24 Feb | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Jordan Brookes: I’ve Got Nothing (Work In Progress)

Jordan Brookes is working through some things. He’s spent the last year attacking himself and his audiences. Now he wants to make amends. Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee 2017

10:00pm |27 Feb – 1 Mar | £6.50 | Get tickets.

An Evening With… (Work In Progress)

Master improviser Graham Dickson (Austentatious) hosts an anarchic interview with a mystery guest. Find out which character is in the hot-seat, at the same time the actor playing them does!

10:50pm |28 Feb & 14 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Jordan Brookes: Adventures in Limited Space

In 2015 Brookes performed his debut hour comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe. 3 years later, he’s dug this show out to see if any of it was any good.

10:00pm | 2 Mar | £15.00 | Get tickets.

Jordan Brookes: Body of Work

In August 2015 Jordan’s Nanna, Gwendoline Martha Brookes, passed away. She was 95. This show is a genuine attempt to pay tribute to her.

10:00pm | 3 Mar | £15.00 | Get tickets.

Olga Koch: Button

The acclaimed storyteller tells a love story through the medium of computer programming (obviously) ***** Broadway Baby **** The Telegraph **** The Skinny **** The List

10:00pm | 6 – 7 Mar | £6.50 | Get tickets.

Werewolf: Live

Werewolf: Live is a new comedy game show that sees favourite comedians (and one lucky audience member) lie, manipulate and backstab as they try to uncover the murderous werewolves.

10:00pm | 7 – 8 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.


Criminal, the anarchic improvised murder mystery show, returns with David Reed, Alex Lowe, Freya Parker, and Tom Bell. ‘Improv doesn’t get better than this’ – The Wee Review

10:45pm | 7 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

How To Act Windy

Imagine being in the worst show ever written and touring around the country with it. Well, we lived it. And now we want to share that fresh hell with you.

10:00pm | 8 – 9 Mar | £6.50 | Get tickets.

Alexander Fox: Walking on the Moon

‘Mrs Richardson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?’
‘Whiplash’ meets ‘The Graduate’ in this bold, innovative comedy experience, set around a live drum kit. “”Excellent”” – Jack Dee”

10:45pm | 8 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Fix My Brain

Co-dependent comedy duo Fix My Brain (as seen on BBC 3 & heard on Radio 4 Extra) workshop their double-act debut: a sketch show about depression. Yes, really.

10:00pm | 10 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Tracy’s Leaving Party: Work In Progress

Christy Coysh (formerly chubby, bent penis) and Kat Sadler (crisps round mouth, only one pair of shoes) have some laughies for you. Will people on stage be talking? Yes.

10:00pm | 13 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

Jen Brister: Work In Progress

Jen follows up her fantastic 2018 show and sell out tour with a hilarious new hour that promises to continue her meteoric rise to stardom.

10:00pm | 14 Mar | £10.00 | Get tickets.

A SCRATCH (on the neck [with the tooth of a vampire])

Gritty northern drama turns into a vampire-slaying horror flick; complete with a 90’s rave soundtrack and more vampires that you can shake a stake at.
WINNER: Amused Moose Award 2018″

10:00pm | 15 – 17 Mar | £6.50 | Get tickets.