Introducing brand new original content commissioned from the brightest and boldest artists of our time!

VAULT Creative Arts have launched VAULT X, a brand new generator of original content and work from the brightest and boldest artists of our time. VAULT X, commissioned and produced by VAULT Creative Arts, celebrates the art of performance and the fantastic VAULT artists who make it happen.

VAULT X is launched as a series of free-to-access digital shorts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of VAULT Festival, and to give audiences a slice of the VAULT Festival experience. VAULT X will continue year-round and feature leading live performance makers creating new work, in new forms, to reach new audiences.

The inaugural VAULT X features a specially commissioned piece from James Rowland, writer and performer of the multi award-winning “Songs of Friendship” storytelling trilogy. The trilogy began with James’ solo debut, Team Viking, at VAULT Festival 2016 which won the VAULT Festival Origins Award. James’s second solo show, A Hundred Different Words For Love, won the Show of the Year Award at VAULT Festival 2017. James later performed all three, including 2018’s Revelations, as part of VAULT Festival 2019. James has performed his shows more than 300 times throughout the UK and internationally. Watch the first VAULT X here for free.

VAULT X content is available for free, but is not free for us to make. You can help us continue to commission exciting, original content by the brightest and boldest artists of our time by donating to us here.

Click here to watch the first VAULT X: “I Miss” by James Rowland.