VAULT Festival is pleased to announce that its 2022 festival will be operating Pay More If You Can pricing in order that our shows remain affordable and accessible to everyone whilst valuing the work of our artists and promoting increased support for them as we continue to recover from the pandemic.

Andy George, Director of VAULT Festival and VAULT Creative Arts, said:

“The past two years have shown all of us the palpable and intrinsic value that artists bring to our world. Whether that’s a new hit TV show, incredible new music, stunning visual arts, or the unique experience of live performance – it is clear our lives, mental health, and world is better for having the arts in it. We’ve deeply missed being able to gather together over the past 2 years. The live performance industry has been devastated with little support to freelance creative artists during that time. By paying a bit more for your ticket if you can, you can help artists get back on their feet and keep creating the shows we love watching.”

The new pricing structure will be in place across the 2022 festival with every show having three different price bands available to choose from.

Not sure which price band to choose? Here’s our FAQ!

How do I know what to pay?

When you go to select your ticket you’ll be given a choice of 3 different price bands. We recommend going with the standard price ticket, but you can opt to go lower or higher. The choice is entirely up to you.

Why pay more if you can?

It’s a way of directly supporting the artists you’re seeing on stage with 70% of your ticket price going directly to the artist. The pandemic has hit the live performance industry incredibly hard and many artists have been unable to work for months at a time. As a charity, we’re committed to helping provide opportunities for artists to get back to performing. By paying a bit more for your ticket, you’re helping make the arts more sustainable and more accessible to everyone.

Are the lower prices concession rates?

Anyone can choose the lower rate, we’ve put in a suggestion of who they might be for, but we won’t be asking for ID or checking which price band you’ve selected at the door.

Why are you using this pricing structure?

We want to make sure everyone who wants to attend the festival is able to while also making sure artists’ work is valued as it should be. We ask that if you’re able to, please consider paying a bit more for your ticket. It makes a big difference to the artists behind every show you see and ensures we’re able to continue offering the most affordable ticket prices for live performance in London.