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A flexibly-configured ‘atmospheric’, musky performance space which suits site specific, promenade, devised, circus and aerial, physical theatre and installations.

Seated Capacity: 94
Approx Rig Height: 4m at edge, 6m at peak of arch.
Performance Area: Flexible up to 30m x7m. End on, traverse, or promenade all possible. 30 minute turnarounds.
N.B: Aerial performances may require the installation of suitable rated points into the brick arch ceiling.

Tech Specs

Please note that these Tech Specs are live documents and can change at various points during pre production.

Venues Crib Sheet

The Venues Crib Sheet is a useful comparison of all our venues, showing information such as expected turn arounds, the kind of shows likely to be programmed in the space, and accessibility information.

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