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Vaulty Towers


Intimate basement space with a low ceiling, ideal for Stand Up work-in-progress performances. Very basic tech. Vaulty Towers is a cosy, upbeat pub on Lower Marsh, run by the team at The Vaults. Read more at www.vaultytowers.london.

Seated Capacity: 30
Performance Area: Hard floor. 30 minute turnarounds, including setup/tech time.
Address: 34 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RG, two minutes walk from The Vaults.

Tech Specs

Please note that these Tech Specs are live documents and can change at various points during pre production.

Venues Crib Sheet

The Venues Crib Sheet is a useful comparison of all our venues, showing information such as expected turn arounds, the kind of shows likely to be programmed in the space, and accessibility information.

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