by Fight and Hope
🏆 VAULT Festival Show of the Week Award Winner 2019

The rest of his species was declared extinct. His location is a closely guarded secret. He is the last of his kind.

VESPERTILIO tells the story of Alan, the reclusive guardian of the last greater mouse-eared bat, and Josh, a troubled teenager on the run from his own demons. The story is one of human connection, and explores the differences between merely surviving and really, truly living.

VESPERTILIO was inspired by the true story of the last Greater Mouse-Eared bat living in Britain. It was created after a piece published by Patrick Barkham in The Guardian in 2018 caught the eye of our writer.

It ran at the VAULT Festival in London in February 2019 to sell-out audiences, critical acclaim and garnered a ‘Play of the Week’ award.

Age Guidance: 16+.

Scenes of a sexual nature, repeated swearing.
Watch Along Event: 7pm Thurs 18th Feb
Available 18th – 21st Feb.


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“This is such a pleasure… Both actors are brilliant.” Lyn Gardner, StageDoor
“The show is that gorgeous nugget of rarity: a fully fashioned, ready-to-go play – a delicious one-hour mouthful of drama… It’s mesmerising, kind of dark, unexpected, sardonic and ever so slightly camp” Francesca Peschier, Exeunt Magazine


Alan played by Benedict Salter
Josh played by Joshua Oakes-Rogers

Director: Lucy Jane Atkinson
Assistant Director: Amie Burns Walker
Writer: Barry McStay
Producer: Jess Duxbury
Sound Design: Annie May Fletcher
Lighting Design: Zia Bergin-Holly
Set Design: Verity Johnson
Stage Manager: Frances White
Artwork Design: Madison Clare

With thanks to: The Bat Conservation Trust, Dr Joe Nunez-Mino, LAMDA Set Department, Italia Conti Set Department, Patrick Barkham, Bob Duxbury and Joan Frank, Annie and Gary Duxbury, Terry Mallen, Tristan Bernays, John and Clodagh McStay, Mark McStay, Seana Mallen and Richard Atkinson, Cristina Thorson

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Available 24th – 28th Feb.
Scream Along Event: Thurs 24th Feb

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