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Sustainable Theatre-Making

Wednesday 14 December, 2022
Want to make your show more sustainable and improve your environmental impact? Producer and Creative Environmental Consultant Ben Weaver-Hincks will lead an engaging workshop exploring how to embed sustainable practices into your theatre-making, regardless of the scale and budget of your production.

Running a PR Campaign at VAULT Festival

Wednesday 7 December, 2022
What is a press release and do you need to write one? How do you get reviewers in to see your show? What is PR anyway? Join the VAULT Festival Communications Team in this workshop where we'll demystify the world of press and PR, and give you the tools you need to create a press and media strategy for your show. We'll take you through the whole process from tickets going on sale right through to thinking about the life of show beyond VAULT Festival 2023.

Marketing Your Show at VAULT Festival

Thursday 24 November, 2022
Join the VAULT Festival Communications Team to find out how to approach marketing your show at the festival. You'll learn all about how to identify target audiences, what techniques and tactics you can use to reach them, and how to craft a marketing strategy that will sell tickets and get audiences into your show. Plus we'll give you plenty of tips & tricks that you can use on your future projects.

Introduction to Equality, Diversity & Inclusive Practice

Thursday 24 November, 2022
This workshop provides practical tools and tangible take-aways, and ensures a supportive and structured space in which groups can work through difficult topics and think laterally around problems. Looking for a safe space to explore what we mean by equality, diversity and inclusion? Join us in this session to help you and your team develop an understanding around language and terminology, and learn strategies to help drive positive change in your work.

Demystifying Tax Returns

Thursday 10 February, 2022
Tax is an unavoidable part of being a freelancer, but not as scary as it seems. Accountant Jon Harris (Accounting 4 Actors) will demystify the tax return process, talking you through all the need-to-know basics plus tips and tricks.

Demystifying Press & PR

Monday 13 December, 2021
What is a press release and how do you write one? Do you need to hire a PR? And what are the next steps once your reviews are out? In this workshop we'll bust some of the myths around getting press into your show, and walk through the whole process of creating your press strategy: from tickets going on sale, right through to thinking about a life for your production beyond VAULT Festival.

Introduction to Sustainable Practice

Tuesday 7 December, 2021
Staging Change is a grassroots artist-led organisation, which supports theatre makers responding to the climate crisis. In this workshop, you'll find creative ways of making shows that have the biggest impact, with the smallest footprint. From the moment the idea wants to become a thing, to when it gets into the rehearsal room, to when you start telling people about it. You'll learn the ins and outs of what it means to make theatre in the context of the climate crisis.

Marketing a Show at VAULT Festival

Tuesday 30 November, 2021
Selling tickets to your show at VAULT Festival can be a daunting prospect. Learn how to be in control of your ticket sales by identifying your target audiences, understanding the best ways to reach them, and crafting a strategy that looks after your budget, and your time. This workshop also includes many tips on how to market your show to VAULT Festival audiences.

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