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Marketing Your Show at VAULT Festival

Thursday 24 November, 2022
Join the VAULT Festival Communications Team to find out how to approach marketing your show at the festival. You'll learn all about how to identify target audiences, what techniques and tactics you can use to reach them, and how to craft a marketing strategy that will sell tickets and get audiences into your show. Plus we'll give you plenty of tips & tricks that you can use on your future projects.

In Conversation with Lyn Gardner

Friday 11 February, 2022
An online discussion with theatre critic and journalist Lyn Gardner and VAULT Festival’s Head of Programming Bec Martin, on the challenges facing early-career artists and what the future of theatre might look like. This virtual In Conversation With will include an opportunity for questions from artists.

Demystifying Press & PR

Monday 13 December, 2021
What is a press release and how do you write one? Do you need to hire a PR? And what are the next steps once your reviews are out? In this workshop we'll bust some of the myths around getting press into your show, and walk through the whole process of creating your press strategy: from tickets going on sale, right through to thinking about a life for your production beyond VAULT Festival.

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