A Robot In Human Skin

An honest and personal exploration of mental health.

Award-nominated performer, Nicole Henriksen, presents the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed theatre debut. Henriksen is known for tackling difficult subjects, and A Robot In Human Skin is no exception. This second one-person theatre show is a fresh, truthful, and heartfelt look at mental health and the ways we treat, and understand it.

Come take a look into a different mind, and see how you like the ride.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
26 — 27 Jan 19:25
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About the company

Nicole Henriksen

Nicole Henriksen is an award-nominated writer, performer, director, and producer, who’s toured solo works to cities all over Australia and the UK.

Following an intial exploration of comedy, Henriksen moved to theatre shows in 2016, following the critical and audience acclaim of her theatre debut, ‘Makin’ It Rain’, which has toured to eight cities in Australia and the UK. During this tour, ‘Makin’ It Rain’ garnered two award-nominations, several four and five star reviews, sold out shows, and standing ovations.

Now based in London, Henriksen’s multi-skilled background has allowed her to explore many art forms in such a rich cultural landscape. This has meant the theatre shows she creates don’t rely on traditional techniques to share their truths and explore larger themes. Rather, Henriksen’s style centres on creating a comfort with the audience to facilitate first-person storytelling through song, whimsy, physical comedy, dance, and so much more.

For a full resume, visit: nicolehenriksen.com/resume

Artistic Team
Writer, Director & Performer
Nicole Henriksen

Press & Reviews

Praise for Henriksen's previous works include:

"Perfectly pitched" ★★★★★ - The Scotsman

"Beyond superb" ★★★★★ - TheatreReviews.co.uk

"One of the most important hours of this Festival" ★★★★★ - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine