Amy Conway’s Super Awesome World

An interactive show that explores depression through 90’s video games.

A long time ago in a soulless chasm deeper than space and time itself, the Darkness stirred, stretched its poisonous form and flexed its claws.

At the same time in a bedroom at the end of the universe, a great warrior tossed, whimpered and gripped the ancient shield of Duvet tighter.

At 10 years old, Amy was master of the Nintendo Entertainment System. She saved kingdoms and rescued princesses on a daily basis. She was a hero: a defender of peace and justice; a protector of worlds! Until she grew up. And suddenly gaming seemed like a waste of time. A pursuit for people with too much time on their hands.

Super Awesome World sees Amy stepping back into the immersive world of gaming to embark on a quest for good mental health. But she cannot succeed alone – she needs your help. Are you up to the challenge?

Super Awesome World is a brand new autobiographical show about video games that invites the audience to join Amy Conway as allies in her fight against depression. A performance that explores, through the prism of gaming, what depression is like and what it is like to fight it. The show will ask the audience to become Amy’s fellow adventurers in an interactive experience that asks difficult questions and quests for elusive sparks of joy in the deep dark multi-user dungeons of the soul.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
21 — 25 Feb 18:00
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About the company

RiotBox Productions

Amy Conway is a theatre maker and performer based in Glasgow. She trained at the University of Glasgow and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

In the past couple of years her shows, I-HAPPY-I-GOOD [★★★★ The Herald, ★★★★ The Scotsman], an immersive one-to-one performance about deafblindness, toured to On The Verge, Liverpool in association with Conflux; and 30:60:80 [**** The Scotsman], a verbatim show exploring maternal histories and intergenerational difference, toured Scottish theatres with support from Creative Scotland.

Amy recently finished an FST Assistant Director Bursary working with Catherine Wheels Theatre Company on various productions over the past year. She is currently under the mentorship of David Leddy with Fire Exit’s Pyromania bursary programme for experimental playwriting.

Artistic Team
Writer & Performer
Amy Conway
Director & AV Designer
Rob Jones
Production Manager
SmallBed Sarah Wilson
Technical Manager
Clive Mitchell
RiotBox Productions

Press & Reviews

Niki Boyle for The Scotsman

★★★★ “Conway is an engaging performer, and she breaks up the information with colourful audience participation and reminiscences of a childhood spent in front of the Nintendo.”

“Conway turns to her experiences as a Samaritans volunteer: a series of quiet, emotionally raw phonecalls that form an effective contrast to the polished and upbeat introductory spiel.”

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Liam Rees for Broadway Baby

★★★★★ “...a hidden gem of the Fringe that starts off all fun and games (literally) before
delving into an account of living with depression that is so heartfelt and honest that it left
this stony-hearted critic a tearful mess.”

“Conway along with director/video designer, Rob Jones, effectively evoke the saccharine world of classic Nintendo games [...] a world that’s full of opportunity”

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Rebecca Divine for Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

★★★★★ “Conway cleverly introduces audience participation and interactive games to complement the truly impressive piece of writing at the core of the hour.”
“...the simple design leaves space for Conway’s stunning storytelling. If you are looking for some thought provoking theatre this year, Amy Conway’s Super Awesome
World is your best bet.”

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Jon Stapley for Three Weeks

★★★★ “ an enchanting hour [Super Awesome World] explores how games can hold up a mirror to our own lives and struggles.”

“In the final moments, I felt a genuine connection with everyone in the room. It was affecting, life-affirming and beautiful.”

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Mairi Therese Gilfedder for Get2gether

★★★★★ “Usually, when people talk about depression, they bang on about it, or try and give you advice. Amy managed to create a show that was both positive and engaging, and gave the audience practical tools for dealing with depression.”

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Naomi Walmsley for The Fountain

“It was brave and bold and, as someone who has experienced depression, left me feeling a lot better about myself.”
95% Rating

“In opening up, Conway gave us the opportunity to do so as well. We felt we could share our darkest secret with her, safe in the knowledge that she would protect it with her life, as all heroes should.”

“Conway’s warmth and command was such that anyone sitting in front of her wanted
to join in and take her hand. She had a presence that showed us the many faces of
depression as well the many facets of her skills.”

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David James for London City Nights

★★★★ “The audience gets hands-on examples of the pleasure of play, participating in short, fun physical exercises in which we get to know the people around us.”

“This isn't a show about big performances...but there's a palpable honesty that pays off gangbusters in the closing moments.”

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