An Act Of Kindness

Two strangers at a bus stop, waiting for… what?

Two strangers meet at a bus stop. Martin, a successful young professional, leads a wildly different life to Leila, a daydreaming waitress at a greasy spoon. Living amidst the chaos of London, both struggle with what is expected of them as a man, as a woman, and where they fit into society.

Set solely at a bus stop, the play explores gender pressure and the impact this has on our identity. As their worlds collide, Leila and Martin begin to consider how: if we open ourselves to others, a stranger’s perspective can clarify our own. Funny, warm, relatable to all humans.

An Act Of Kindness received sell out runs at The Lion and Unicorn, Theatre503 and Edinburgh Fringe 2017, where it won the Theatre Weekly ‘Best of the Fest’ award for Best Writing.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
07 — 11 Feb 19:45
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About the company

Rascal Theatre

Helena and Caroline met on Facebook after Helena wrote a play and Caroline volunteered to direct it. Together, with friends, they formed Rascal Theatre and began producing new, contemporary writing that discusses identity in the 21st century. The way humans are created, limited and liberated by ideas of gender, age and class is a source of continuous intrigue and inspiration for them. By keeping the audience’s experience at the centre of the creative process they aim to make worlds that are recognisable and reflective of the society around us.

Their debut play An Act Of Kindness received critical success at sell out previews, in London, at The Lion and Unicorn and Theatre503. It premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017, where Helena Westerman won Theatre Weekly’s ‘Best of the Fest’ award for Best Writing.

Artistic Team
Written by
Helena Westerman
Directed by
Caroline Simonsen
Produced by
Rascal Theatre
Jennifer Whittaker
Helena Westerman
Robert Hayes

Press & Reviews

Theatre Weekly

★★★★★ A superb piece of theatre that is clever, funny and poignant

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The Scotsman

★★★ There is a sweet sincerity to this warmly funny two-­hander that should prove genuinely touching to all but the hardest-hearted

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Broadway Baby:

★★★ Two excellent actors, sharp direction, and a bouncy, watchable personality

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