Presented by Alana Bloom

'Set in a future where the world has drastically changed. In the pits of a disintegrating city, Artemis awakes surrounded by brick, stirring from the echoes of prayer, to witness the consequence of our actions & the destruction of nature.'

A multidisciplinary performance, set to the backdrop of an eery underground vault where the archetype of the Guardian 'Artemis' weaves together humanities story through aerial circus, physical theatre & movement.

Haunting images of a deer skull are juxtaposed with soundscapes, spoken word and song to create a mesmeric performative ritual, offering up a journey of transformation, through the emotional landscape of grief, rage, reconnection, commitment and hope.

Theatre & Performance
Varies27 Feb — 03 Mar
Cavern - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
EnvironmentalMovementSolo Performer
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About the company

Alana Bloom

Alana Bloom is an artist exploring mythology, archetype, ritual, movement practices and how circus and physical theatre are tools for exploration of these themes. She regularly dives into immersive and interactive roles with infectious energy and a constant thirst to engage and provoke whilst working with the vulnerability of the performer and the ability to shapeshift into whatever the story needs to be told.

Alana co-ordinates events for the Psychedelic Society, regularly facilitates movement work and creative retreats in Europe & the UK that explore ritual & psychomagic and the dance between sacred & profane. She is also regularly involved with creative performance projects including improvised, immersive and interactive theatre. She has worked on projects with Shotgun Carousel, Secret Cinema, Moon Fool, Rogue Theater, Erth (The Eden Project) The Artful Badger, Mama Marbles, Divine Ridiculous and The Salon Collective


Performer & Creator: Alana Bloom
Producer: Katya Barton

Press & Reviews

'Every part of the performance was beautifully crafted, with a powerful use of silence, an incredibly effective minimalism of set and one of the most evocative monologues I've experienced in years' - Emilie Lecoq

'Your expression of emotion, energy, innocence, passion and power were awesome. The music was perfectly reflecting your movements and the monologue left goose bumps.' - Nick pepper

'Artemis is a rare thing. Alana Bloom has a unique quality on stage. In the piece we see her oscillate between the vulnerable, human realm and the powerful realm of the divine, bringing to both an authentic quality whilst she dangles precariously in a space between falling and flying' - Daniel Hernandez