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‘We would have got it on together Dad!
Wait! No. Not like that! That would be wrong.
But would we have used together?’

Am I experiencing the weirdest trip of my life?

This is my story, how one night I found myself high as a kite, talking to the takeaway box containing my dad’s ashes. Having the conversations with him I never got to have. Confessing to him that he was not the best dad, that mum still hates him and that I also think I might have a drug problem.
Then he replies. As a ghost? As a spirit? I’m not sure. But it’s clear me and my dad have some unfinished business.

‘ASHES’ is a dark comedy that has already been performed at The Arcola Theatre Scratch night. The opening twenty minutes received incredible feedback. It’s a true story exploring the relationship between me and my dead dad. Through comical and tragic scenarios I try to figure out why my father has come back to haunt me. We both fight, argue, embrace, and laugh, all the while I try to maintain my grip on reality. Is this just a crazy trip or is life trying to give me a sense of peace that I’ve never had.

Part of Let's Talk @ VAULT Festival with Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Please note: Contains flashing lights during performance.

Theatre & Performance
21:2008 — 09 Feb
Pit - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
ComedyDramaSolo Performer
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Shaun Amos

Shaun Amos is currently training on the MA Acting Course at East15 Acting School whilst also performing as a Supernumerary in 'The Inheritance' at the Noel Coward Theatre.


Writer: Shaun Amos
MAN: Shaun Amos