ASSMONKEY: In Conversation

A hilariously honest and fast paced comedy about mental health

‘A glorious, farcical conglomeration of a show made up of jokes, hilarious characters, song, science experiments and (sort of) yoga’ (London Pub Theatres).

ASSMONKEY: In Conversation is an honest, interactive and upfront comedy about anxiety, depression and wanking. Hear this, what if you were to make friends with your anxiety, what name would it have? Would it have an accent or wear a beret?

The show merges comedy genres through stand up, spoken work, silly songs and character work. Along the way you’ll encounter some hilarious renditions of personalities from Sophia’s past from doctors to yoga teachers, you’ll take part in a group meditation, but don’t rely on it being relaxing. Be prepared to learn a LOT about Sophia and maybe a little about yourself.

This heartwarmingly honest show takes you on an uplifting journey from addiction to self help and wellbeing, abetted by some scientific research and years of collected conversations with therapists and yoga “gurus”. Expect rudeness, silliness, bad costumes, flailing and maybe even a little tenderness.

★★★★ “An articulate and exciting new voice, next time this show is on, get yourself a ticket” – London Pub Theatres

1hr 00m
Network Theatre
07 — 11 Feb 19:45
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About the company

Sophia Del Pizzo

Sophia Del Pizzo is an actor (Electric Dreams, Lovely Monster), comedian and writer and recently graduated the Soho Theatre Young Writers lab 2017. She won Best Comedy Actress at the Portsmouth Film Festival for her performance in the offbeat comedy short This Way Up by Marc Hardman and has had great success with ASSMONKEY selling out shows at The Rosemary Branch and Live at Zedel.

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London Pub Theatres

★★★★ "An articulate and exciting new voice, next time this show is on, get yourself a ticket"