Audio Drama Production Podcast Original Audio Shorts Extravaganza

Aural excitement from new original audiodrama short scripts performed Live!

Podcasting has exploded. Audio Drama is exploding. Daily. In ears all over the world. And there’s no mess. Just inspired and riveting uniquely enjoyable Aural entertainment….

Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in great Aural storytelling with new diverse original audio drama scripts, live foley effects , and a talented cast of rising audio drama voice actors plus!….Assured technical wizardry . We’ll take you to places you never knew you wanted to go all from the comfort of your theatre seat. Every audience member will imagine a different take on the same event. Every place, scenario, character in your minds eye different to the person next to you. A unique and amazing imagined story every time. Come and be amazing! (And we guarantee some audience members can join in as actors and foley artists – they’re the ones that make the sound effects and soundscapes live….exciting times!)

Ever wanted to perform in audio yourself or find out how to do live foley….? Want to work in Audio Drama as voice actor, sound engineer, writer, director, producer, host? Join The Audio Drama Production Podcast team in an exciting showcase of original audio shorts from around the world – scripts are written by winners of our ADPP Script writing competition (Submission window 8-21 Jan – see for details of entry) held in association with Aural Stages and Audio Drama Network – and will also be produced as recorded audio dramas – so kick back, sit comfortably and listen to the creation of a few more new AMAZING and ORIGINAL beautifully told diverse stories with characters a-plenty….then stay for the Q&A at the end and get enthused to podcast yourself….Ah Gwan!

1hr 00m
The Vaults
07 Mar 18:10
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About the company

Audio Drama Production Podcast

ADPP Is an interview podcast talking to the best in their audio fields about the craft of making Audio Drama. Performers at this event are established in Audio Drama in collectively hundreds of independently made broadcasts aired all over the world and also found on Apple Podcasts and on your local podcatcher. These include Wooden Overcoats, Wolf 359, Edict Zero, Whats the Frequency, 19 Nocturne Boulevard, A Scottish Podcast, Come and See, The Byron Chronicles, Hostile Worlds, Ancestry, Wynabego Warrior and more!

Robert Cudmore, Beth Eyre, Sarah Golding, Karim Kronfli, Fiona Thraille

Press & Reviews

DJ Ten Ninjas

A really useful podcast, for both new and experienced creators!
There's SO MUCH useful information here, presented in a fun and approachable format!


Whether you''ve been creating audio drama for years, just getting started, considering getting started, or just want to know how it works, there''s no better podcast than this one. The hosts are terrific and they get some amazing guests with tips, tricks, and a wealth of experience to share.

Burning Snowman Films

Been listening for a couple of years now. Indespensible advice and insight in a quickly growing filed of audio production. Thanks guys!


I can''t emphasize enough how important this podcast is for anyone interested in starting their own audio fiction or even people already doing it. The resources, insights and interviews are amazing! This might be the most important resource there is on audio drama production.