Comedy Swingers Party 2020

Comedy Swingers Party 2020

14 Mar
Crescent - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 10m
Character Comedy Devised Sketch
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Comedy Swingers Party 2020

You know when your partner takes you to a party and then everyone starts putting their car keys in a bowl and pairing off with Carol from number forty -two’s husband Clive while you’re standing there holding a bowl of nachos cos you didn’t realise it was gonna be that kind of night?
This is that kind of night.
With comedy.
The names of sixty of your favourite sketch, character and stand up performers are put in a hat. From that 12 brand new sketch groups are created.
The only rule? They can’t work with anyone they have worked with before.
It’s not cheating if their partner knows about it right?
Each group has to come up with a 12 minute set of never seen before material and you the audience are gonna get to judge who the best is on the night.
The winning team each week will go on to fight it out in the final for the title of Comedy Swingers 2020.

Heat Two - Sat 15th Feb

Group One

Ania Magliano
Frankie Thompson
Susie Scott – Bang Average Theatre
Serena Flynn

Group Two

Anna O'Grady – Anna and Helen
Alex Lynch
James Alexander - Pojj
Will Sebag-Montefiore – Just These Please

Group Three

Will Dixon – The RH Experience
Emma Hinds - Toucan
Isa Bonachera
Mark Jones - Sisters
Stuart Laws

Group Four

Hughie Stanley - Pojj
Jacob Lovick - LoveHard
Sinead Parker – Norris and Parker
Joshua George Smith – Sleeping Trees
Lucy Miller – Miller and Salmon

Group Five

Kerrie Thomason – Swipe Right Theatre
Katie Norris – Norris and Parker
Jenny Donoghue
Maddy Bye – Siblings
Alex Nash

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About Comedy Swingers Party 2020

A collection of the best sketch and character performers coming together because why not?

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Comedy Swingers Party 2020

Comedy Swingers Party 2020

Dates & Times

Comedy Swingers Party 2020

Comedy Swingers Party 2020

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