Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner

Presented by Ethan Mechare

Sex! Fantasies! Voyeurism! Vacuuming!

In the cosy atmosphere of London's untraditional spaces, Ethan is Coming Clean.

Journey with him as he lays bare his life as a naked house cleaner, and explores what we want and what stops us from asking for it.

Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner is a new theatrical experience mixing comedy, confession, and intimacy.

Grab your favourite tipple, sample the cheeseballs, and get ready to open your own mind as you challenge and embrace your ideas of sexual desire.

Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner- the show that shows how dirty cleansing can be. After all, don't the best stories happen behind closed curtains?

This event supports’s Team Mum appeal. We’re working to launch pregnancy support services in rural Kenya, where 1 in 26 babies die before they reach their first birthday.

VAULT Festival are contributing a percentage of ticket sales from this event to arm new mums in Kenya with vital health information and medical support. You can help by donating to Team Mum when you book online or in person at the venue. This appeal is supported by UK Aid Match which means if you give before 30 April, your donation will be doubled by the UK government. (Only donations to Team Mum and not contributions from ticket sales are eligible for UK Aid Match, but it all supports the Team Mum appeal!)

Theatre & Performance
Varies27 Feb — 03 Mar
The Horse & Stables
1hr 30m
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About the company

Ethan Mechare

Ethan’s career as a TV presenter and actor began in Los Angeles, where he hosted shows on MTV, VH1, and TNT. Ethan also hosts an online talk show called "Doin’ It With Ethan", where he interviews actors and attends wacky events. "Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner" is his first solo show.


Ethan Mechare: Performer & Writer
Jill Patterson: Director
Cath Royle: Stage Manager & Sidekick

Press & Reviews

* * * * *
“A must-see for anyone and everyone who’s ever had a secret fantasy and is open to learning something new about the world of desire and, maybe even, themselves."

* * * * *
“This is an evening you will remember for a long time."

Upper Circle
* * * * *
“ I would encourage everyone to go and see this hilarious show, and learn some of that joyful fearlessness for yourselves."

Jack The Lad Magazine
* * * *
"Sharp comic delivery"

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