Three professional gamers grapple with reality – a new play.

The Peaceful Defeat make our VAULT Festival debut with Alex Benjamin’s new play ‘Cotton,’ a dizzying, manic trip into the world of professional gaming.

“What if, right, what if instead of making our home from concrete –
What if we made it from cotton?
What if we made it from code?”

When their team disbands after a devastating loss, three professional gamers are thrown back into a life that never made sense to them. They’ve got to make it in the real world – but how much of a ‘real world’ is there left for them?

Fresh from a five-star run at the Camden Fringe and a stop-over in our home town of Exeter, The Peaceful Defeat are ready for our biggest performances yet at London’s VAULT Festival. Powered by a propulsive jazz soundtrack and the vibrant performances of our young cast, it’s a show that draws audiences into an unfamiliar corner of the modern world and then watches it fall apart.

1hr 00m
Waterloo East Theatre
14 — 18 Feb
17 Feb
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About the company

The Peaceful Defeat

Founded in 2017 by writer and director Alex Benjamin, we’ve shot right from our home in Exeter to the London stage, packing us much energy as we can into our short fringe plays. We’re a young company creating manic work that quickly transforms into something emotive and meaningful, getting audiences’ hearts pumping and their brains whirring. We’re devoted to throwing ourselves head-first into strange new corners of the modern world, and taking audiences with us.

Artistic Team
Written & Directed by
Alex Benjamin
Produced by
Natalie Bell & Niamh Percy
Ben Mallett
Will Pinhey
Franci Donovan-Brady
George Fincher

Press & Reviews

The Open Door

★★★★★ “Thought-provoking”


★★★★ “Intense and vibrant… it was so absorbing I rather got lost in the moment”

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"A clever inversion of the classic success story"