Doktor James’s Bad Skemes

Help Doktor James to take over the world! ... pretty please.

Doktor James is sick of living at home and not being taken seriously as a supervillain. He is really, really bad and he just wants to beat his superhero brother and take over the world… Bad as in evil by the way, not bad as in rubbish. He definitely isn’t rubbish.

Well, maybe he is a bit rubbish… and with the arrival of a new Supervillain he needs to prove that he’s better at being evil than everybody else. Doktor James has therefore brought out all his best bad plans and now he just needs some really naughty children to help him get them working.

Are you naughty enough to take over the world? Are you secretly a genius with a lot of plans and inventions? Are you really good at dancing? If the answer to any of these questions is YES then Doktor James needs your help.

Prepare for an anarchic and very silly hour of deadly fun, perfect for 6 – 11 year olds who want to become more powerful, more naughty and more in charge of the entire world.

★★★★ (Fest).
‘Represents the best of the fringe’ (Primary Times).
James Bennison, winner of the IYAF Brighton Fringe Stand-Up Comedy Award.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
17 — 18 Feb 13:40
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About the company

The Giggle Goose and Sweet Venues

The Giggle Goose are made up of Timothy Goose and James Bennison, two idiots who met at the musical comedy acts as part of two different double acts. Between them they have written and performed in 13 different Fringe shows. They ditched their partners and decided to move away from musical comedy and towards supervillains. Their first show “Doktor James’ Akademy of Evil” was a huge success and has played at several fringe festivals over the last two years. The show was a celebration of embarrassing your parents through audience participation and really terrible puns.
They’re hoping that their second show will continue Doktor James’s streak of terrible luck and even worse jokes.

Press & Reviews

Praise for Doktor James's Akademy of Evil

★★★★ – Fest Mag

“Represents the best of the fringe” - Primary Times

“I can highly recommend this show and I am already looking forward to seeing what The Giggle Goose come up with next.” - Child Friendly Brighton and Hove

James Bennison, winner of the IYAF Brighton Fringe Stand-Up Comedy Award.