Presented by Kate Radford

This is a story that starts how most stories start... 'In ancient times...in Ancient Greece. Lived Caenis most beautiful of all the maidens.....' a story we've heard a thousand times before. A thousand ways.

In this dynamic modern re-telling of this ancient tale, we meet Caenis. Alone in the desert. Stuck in no-mans land. Skilfully blending electronic music, international song, digital landscapes and powerful experimental prose we give voice to a voiceless character....a lot of voice. We watch Caenis' story unfold, as she is taken from a solitary life in nature, to wishing herself away.

For how long will these atrocities happen to women in stories? For how long will we listen? Maybe its time we write our own mythology. One where the woman is not handed as offering for tall tales of redemption. Violence in our storytelling perpetuates violence in our culture. This solo-performance is driving new narratives for women. Taking them firmly out of the desert and into warmer shores.

It is time to end this Drought.

Contains references to sexual violence, can be triggering.

Theatre & Performance
Varies20 — 24 Feb
Pit - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
ChallengingCombo OfferMember OfferMusicPoetry
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About the company

Kate Radford

Kate Radford is a multi-disciplinary artist, polymath and activist based in Hebden Bridge. She has been an associate artist of Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, The Nova Collective, Bred in The Bone Theatre, Leeds Playhouse, Contact Theatre as well as working with other organisations such as Manchester International Festival. She has a vested interest in using art as a mechanism for social activism and social change, specifically enabling the furthering and cementing of equal rights for women.

Her work is explosive, honest and modern, often pulling on her experience as a multi-functioning artist and human being to enhance the audiences experience. All tools are used to communicate a message, a story or a feeling. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is out of reach. Hands beyond the glass ceiling.

As well as live performance art, installations and weird and wonderful collaborations, Kate is a writer. Her self publish 'bloom (or live trying)' us a collection of her visual poetry, inspired by her connection to the natural world and the exploration of how words manifest its ancient magic. She has a particular fascination with the 'sublime feminine' its strength and its fury. Its delicacy and its power.

Awards include the 'Community Spirit' award for Arts & Culture for Disparate Youth (2018). Kate produced, directed and curated in her home town of Hebden Bridge. Kate was accepted in the widely recognised School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017. She is currently pursuing entry subject to funding. Drought was the piece of writing that gained her entry into this prestigious school.


Written and Performed by Kate Radford
Video composition and design by Kate Radford
Photography - Bryony Good
Associate Artist - Laurence Alliston-Greiner

Made possible with the support of Square Chapel Centre for the Arts

Press & Reviews

"This show was incredible. I felt spoken to. I felt seen. Thank you for creating this Kate. You have a singular gift."- Audience Member

"Strong, Lyrical, Focused and compelling. I am going to eagerly watch how this show, and artist progresses. Both are going to go places" - Debs Newbold (Performer and Theatre Maker)

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