Father of Lies

Making a Murderer meets Rosemary's Baby... new true crime thriller!

Father of Lies tells the chilling true story behind a mysterious, unsolved murder in West Germany, 1973. It is a horror show about belief, grief, ghosts and betrayal.

We present twelve months of meticulous research into this extraordinary, monstrous case. Using photographs, letters, police reports and re-enactments of real events, we bring you this thrilling, twisting tale of haunted priests, jealous widowers and satanic cults…

★★★★ “A genuinely unique piece of theatre… A compulsively gripping tale of devil-worship and death… combining the occult inflections of True Detective with the spine-chilling specificity of Making A Murderer or Serial… All killer, no filler.” (The Stage)

★★★★★ “Devastating” (London Pub Theatres)
★★★★★ “Gripping” (The Horror Hothouse)
★★★★ “Compelling” (The Upcoming)
★★★★ “Entertaining” (London Theatre 1)
★★★★ “Fascinating” (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine)
★★★★ “Captivating” (The Wee Review)
★★★★ “Chilling” (Immersive London)
★★★★ “Astounding” (Circle of Cinema)

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1hr 00m
The Vaults
28 Feb — 04 Mar 19:30
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About the company

Bête Noire Productions

The play is written and performed by Sasha Roberts and Tom Worsley. We met at Bristol University in 2004 and bonded over a shared love of horror films and literature:

‘We believe that horror is an underrepresented genre in theatre, which is a shame as horror suits such intimate, atmospheric, often dark, communal environments, where the audience’s imagination is free to run wild. Horror fans are extremely passionate and loyal, so we are particularly excited to bring this rare beast to the Cavern at VAULT Festival – the perfect venue for our tale of the occult!’ (Tom Worsley, co-writer and performer)

What also makes our show unusual is the format: part presentation, part theatre performance. At times we address the audience directly with facts and evidence uncovered by our research, and at other times we play the central protagonists in dramatised scenes of key moments. By combining these two styles, we aim to create an absorbing and authentic atmosphere that will draw the audience into this dark, chilling history:

‘The format is influenced by true crime documentaries such as The Jinx and Making a Murderer, which have been enormously popular in recent years. The public is drawn to true crime (especially murder cases) because, like horror movies, they trigger the most basic and powerful emotion in all of us – fear. As a source of pop cultural entertainment, they allow us to experience extreme emotions in a controlled environment where the threat is exciting but not real. Moreover, by following an investigation, audiences can play “detective” and see if they can figure out “whodunit”.’ Sasha Roberts (co-writer and performer)

Artistic Team
Writer & Performer
Tom Worsley
Writer & Performer
Sasha Roberts
Stephen Sobal

Press & Reviews

The Stage

★★★★ "A genuinely unique piece of theatre... A compulsively gripping tale of devil-worship and death... combining the occult inflections of True Detective with the spine-chilling specificity of Making A Murderer or Serial... All killer, no filler."

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

★★★★ "A thought provoking, disturbing and fascinating hour that will inspire discussions long after the show’s end"

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The Wee Review

★★★★ "A carefully constructed and fantastically-performed show that pleasingly – and disturbingly – lives up to its intriguing synopsis"

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London Pub Theatres

★★★★★ "Compact, polished and devastating"

The Horror Hothouse

★★★★★ "Remarkable and gripping... just about everything you could want squeezed into a folk horror show"

Circle of Cinema

★★★★ "An astounding piece of theatre... a grand example of how, even after centuries of live performances, there are still ways to breathe new life into theatrical story-telling"

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Immersive London

★★★★ "Chilling"