Five Nights Inside Adam Riches

The Edinburgh Comedy Award winner makes his VAULT Festival debut with something old, something new and something totally, beautifully batshit!

“Whenever I set about writing a new show I always revisit some older ones, as it really seems to help me get in the mindset of certain characters. It reminds me of certain structures and devices I may have used and CRUCIALLY delays me actually having to write the new piece!

But a happy side-effect of this self-motivational delaying tactic, is that I’m also reminded of some shows that have barely even been seen. Some for good reason (!), most, because life often moves you onto pastures new.

So for this quintet of nights, alongside some new material, I decided to dust off a couple of old shows that have never been staged in London and one that has always been such a joy to perform.

And barring a few little tweaks here and there, I’ll present them all as written back in the day, so apologies in advance!

I hope you can make it down and I hope that you like them.”


As heard on R4’s The Guns of Adam Riches

Wednesday 28th Feb 9.15pm

‘Adam Riches and…’

Adam Riches introduces a bunch of his most fame-hungry friends to entertain you with their thoughts for an hour. A mixed bill of unerring quality featuring acts aplenty (three):
Dan Cook
Stevie Martin
John Kearns

Thursday 1st March 9.15pm

‘Pot Pourri – Three Works in various states of Progress’

With a little help from his friends, Adam presents three (or more) script in hand performances of three pocket-sized ideas that may or may not be his show or shows for Edinburgh 2018. I can’t be more specifically vague than that!

‘Coach Coach 2 – Coach Harder’

Sequel to the 2015 hit Coach Coach, in which we join our eponymous High School Volfsball Coach line up against time, personal demons and the inevitable reboot of his past life.

‘The Lone Dueller’

There was a man. Soon to become a legend. A shamed Cavalryman turned blade for hire who set out to free the townsfolk from tyranny, oppression and something else. The only problem was, no-one would hire him. Or fight him. And there was no tyranny or oppression. So he just had to hang around some forests fighting himself.

‘The Guy You…’

Spend some much needed time downwind of The Guy you meet right after you come out of a long-term relationship. He is here for you and for you alone. And maybe just a little bit for himself too…

THIS, is his story.

Friday 2nd March 9.15pm

‘Plat du Nuit – The Comeback Special’ (2003)

The first show I ever performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and boy did it tank! Whoa. I’m talking full-on Sherman here. Low audiences, bad reviews, terrible post-Fringe blues. I actually gave up writing and performing for a whole year and a half such was the shock this whole experience was to my system.

BUT. I think they were wrong. I still think it’s a pretty good show. Not perfect, by any means, but a decent enough debut that didn’t deserve to be labelled as ‘one of the worst shows ever to be staged at the Edinburgh Fringe’. But come along and judge for yourself!

It’s a live musical concert from a wholly mismatched lounge act who every night, without fail, end up falling out and breaking up. Also starring Jim Johnson.

“Two stars might be a little harsh for a show with so much talent on display – but that talent isn’t necessarily for comedy” CHORTLE

Saturday 3rd March 9.15pm

‘Victor’ – (2007)

My very first solo show and one close to my heart as it is the introduction to one of my favourite characters, Victor Legit.

Taking the form of a lecture on the perils of DVD Piracy, Victor is a simple man with an incredible body who is out there, on the streets, risking his life to protect your copyright so that you don’t have to be.

Contains Yakult and moments of truly awesome violence.

“This could well be the most original and brilliantly written comedy show at the Fringe” FEST

Sunday 4th March 9.15pm

‘Bring me the Head of Adam Riches’ (2011)

Five characters, six jokes and seven thousand audience members!

The show that won the main prize at Edinburgh 2011 and that still proves to be an absolute ride to perform, let alone watch.

‘60 minutes of brilliantly conceived chaos – I never stopped laughing once.’ Independent

1hr 00m
Network Theatre
28 Feb — 04 Mar 21:15
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