Georgie Morrell: Eyecon

A Wolsey Theatre Testing Ground Commission from BBC Audio award nominated comedian Georgie Morrell. She is back with her third brand new work in progress solo show.

Keep an eye out for…an Eyecon.

‘Inspirational….One suspects there’s much more to Morrell than this one show. A seat on Graham Norton’s sofa surely awaits.’ ★★★★1/2 The Reviews Hub

‘Remarkable comic. ★★★★ London Pub Theatres

Georgie Morrell is a comedian, award nominated actor and the official poster girl of disability. After two successful stand up shows, sold out tours, the official autobiography and becoming the star of her own BAFTA-winning TV show, she has been catapulted to fame, fortune and celebrity Georgie is back with her very own brand of disabled ‘lolz’ and banter telling the story of how she became an ‘Eyecon.’

Eyecon is Georgie’s return to the London stage before her 100 date world tour. Since her last two shows, Georgie has hit the big time and is the entertainment industry’s poster girl of disability. As seen and heard on the cover of Vogue, her own TV show Poke Your Eyes and her work for the United Nations. However are the rumours true? Is Georgie really all she seems? Are the crack beginning to show and is the icon about to fall?

1hr 00m
The Vaults
27 Jan 16:30
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‘Inspirational… One suspects there’s much more to Morrell than this one show. A seat on Graham Norton’s sofa surely awaits.’ ★★★★1/2 The Reviews Hub

‘Remarkable comic.’ ★★★★ London Pub Theatres 1

Georgie Morrell is a comedian, writer and an award nominated actor. As seen and heard on BBC Radio 4, BBC Ouch, BBC 5 Live, Time Out Magazine and Channel 5. Georgie returns with the premiere of her third full-length show after two previous successful ★★★★ Edinburgh shows. Her debut show, A Poke in the Eye, has played to sold out performances, ★★★★ reviews and transfer to Soho Theatre. It is still touring alongside her second stand up show, The Morrell High Ground.

She has played the Soho Theatre, Phoenix Artist Club, The Bill Murray, Leicester Comedy Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival. Her shows are off to Theatre Royal Nottingham, New Theatre Wolseley and The Little Theatre Leicester. Georgie is a blogger for Huffington Post and a writer and theatre director currently working for Extant Theatre company.

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The Reviews Hub

'Inspirational....One suspects there's much more to Morrell than this one show. A seat on Graham Norton's sofa surely awaits.' ★★★★1/2

London Pub Theatres 1

'Ultimately, A Poke in the Eye was surprisingly funny and not at all what I was expecting. I, along with the rest of the audience was thoroughly entertained. In my mind, I would have loved it to go on longer but then realised that we were dealing with someone's disability here. I have to admit that if the worst ever happens to me, I hope I can face it with half the strength of character that Georgie showed because then I know I will survive.' ★★★★

Metro Blind Sport

'As soon as Georgie bounds out onto the floor, you can see how she managed to find humour even in this dark period of her life. She gives off waves of positive energy and seems like a woman very much in control of her audience, engaging everyone so confidently you wouldn't expect she only has one good eye.'

Fest Mag

'Still, the caustic stand-up, known as "The Duchess" to her nearest and dearest, isn't seeking to be pitied or patronised, revealing herself to have been a petulant teenager who took her frustrations out on the doctors who cared for her. In part, a series of touching snapshots of a family rallying round itself, The Morrell High Ground is also a mea culpa and veneration of the NHS, with the comic denouncing changes to disability benefits as they grow ever more tangled in bureaucratic red tape.'

Holly Mahoney

'The Morrell High Ground sees Morrell unpack some of the taboos surrounding disabilities, weaving her own experiences in with touching anecdotes of her parents, all to the backdrop of the struggling NHS. It's a raw, unapologetic personal account from Morrell of her experiences growing up with a form of arthritis as well as numerous eye problems.'