Guy Kelly’s Letter of Last Resort

Terrifying comedy about mental health and narrowly avoiding nuclear war.

Making the least commercially viable decision in his ridiculous life, Guy Kelly has decided to make a show all about struggling with mental health, masculinity, and the staggering accidents and near-misses that have brought the world close to global nuclear war. If that sounds to you like a hard place to find jokes, you’re absolutely right. Regardless, Guy will use his skills as a storyteller – as well as accompanying music and projections – to take you on a journey of sympathetic doctors, conspiracy theorist plumbers, and one man whose clear thinking quietly saved the world.

Guy is best known for his work with the critically-acclaimed sketch storytellers The Beta Males

Praise for The Beta Males:
★★★★ “Excellent” The Times, ★★★★ Time Out ★★★★ Fest
★★★★ The List ★★★★ Chortle ★★★★ Edinburgh Evening News

1hr 00m
The Vaults
03 — 04 Mar 20:45
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About the company

Guy is a writer and performer, once described by a reviewer as “generically handsome”. He is a Creative Producer for the immersive-theatre company A Door In A Wall, has performed with the critically-acclaimed sketch troupe The Beta Males, McNeil and Pamphilon Go8Bit, and as a Maze Master at The Crystal Maze. He’s written for the BBC, appeared on Radio 4, and can complete the first level of Sonic 2 on the MegaDrive in under a minute, blindfolded and using his feet.

Press & Reviews

Praise for The Beta Males:

★★★★ Metro
★★★★ Chortle
★★★★ The Sunday Times
★★★★ Fest
★★★★ The List
★★★★ Time Out

“A slick, hilarious sketch show… Genius.” Sunday Times

“Highly inventive… one of the most exciting, gloriously funny acts out there.” Time Out

“They display a joy in and mastery of their craft which is a delight to behold” Fest