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Holly first realised she was a witch when she hit puberty. Suddenly everyone knew she was a witch, and were not afraid to say so. From the other girls at school, to the men she wouldn’t show her tits to on the bus, Holly Morgan was a complete witch.

‘Witch, please,’ she thought. ‘If I’m a witch, there must be others.’

So, in the spirit of her last two shows, Holly dressed her husband up like a cat and spent about 45 minutes on Wikipedia. In doing so, she made some pretty incredible discoveries; the kind she’d like to share with paying customers.

Throw in some of her much celebrated lols (4 and 5 star reviews across the board, thanks for asking) and the incredible songs of, amongst others, pop culture’s most beloved witch, Stevie Nicks, Holly and her "familiar" Tom are set to take the patriarchy by storm once again.

One poorly researched historical analogy at a time.

19:4527 Feb — 03 Mar
Network Theatre
1hr 00m
Combo OfferFemale LedMember OfferMusicSatire
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About the company

Holly Morgan

Festival Spirit award for ‘Madonna or Whore’

Highly commended for ‘Seven Crazy Bitches’


Holly Morgan (Writer-Performer)
Tom Moores (Performer)

Lisa Millar (Director)

Press & Reviews

On Madonna or Whore:

"Beautifully sung, funny and poignant in equal measure" - The List (4 stars)

"Great music, poignant topics, even a brutally honest denouement, and, most importantly, a seriously funny star" - The Wee Review (4 stars)

"An hour of controversial comedy and satirical speculation, with a fun and frisky edge" - Broadway Baby (4 stars)

On 7 Crazy Bitches -

"Gorgeous and exhilarating, showing us Morgan is not only a comic, but a gifted chanteuse" - The Wee Review

"Holly Morgan – superstar - and Tom Moores – pet man - create a beautiful piece of madness at the fringe" - EdFringeReview.com