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Six hands move, morph and combine in unusual ways, creating unexpected creatures and characters. Travel with us through water, earth and air as we follow the journey from basic life forms to complex beasts in a surreal evolutionary narrative of shape shifting and transformation. Hopeful Monster's eponymous first show is a unique piece of visual tabletop theatre for adults and children alike, with an original soundtrack by Michael Hyland.

A hopeful monster is what you get when a sudden genetic mutation creates a radically new organism. Such individuals are most likely plain monstrous and doomed to extinction. But every so often a hopeful monster is born; a mutant with a future and the potential to take its species in a wholly new direction.

"I love the moments where your brain bounces between recognising that you’re watching a wiggling finger but simultaneously being completely absorbed in the survival struggles of an independent little creature. The simple joy of discovery, taking simple components and taking us on a fabulous transforming adventure. Above all else, I loved the shows playfulness. There is such a joy to be had in becoming absorbed in play" Philip Millar, Creature Technology Co.

Theatre & Performance
15:00 17 Mar
The Horse & Stables
0hr 40m
All Ages
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About the company

Hopeful Monster

Hopeful Monster formed in 2017 as a collaboration between Ella Mackay, Eti Meacock and Bori Mező. Three puppeteer-makers from different countries, they met while training at the Curious School of Puppetry and the Puppet Theatre Barge in London. Like its evolutionary namesake, the company aims to create work that is weird and wonderful, playing with the possibilities of puppetry in its widest sense and delighting in the unusual visual creations that might emerge.


The Company: Eti Meacock, Ella Mackay, Bori Mező
Music: Michael Hyland
Developed with the support of Moving Parts Scratch Space and Outside Eyes at Tron Theatre Glasgow
With thanks to Siân Kidd, Yvan Karlsson, Edie Edmondson, Kate Powell, Stanley Middleton and Iestyn Evans