Invisible Cabaret: Let’s Get Visible

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Invisible Cabaret is a cabaret and burlesque troupe, performing vaudeville-style variety shows devoted to raising mental health awareness. Through diverse mediums (burlesque, comedy, dance, original song and more), the troupe aims to ‘strip away stigma’ surrounding issues of mental health. After all, mental health" is still a taboo subject. You know what else has been (and still can be) taboo? Boobs. Taboobs. Invisible Cabaret’s mission is to break down some of the boundaries and stigma surrounding mental health, by exploring them in boundary-breaking, stigma-busting art forms. One taboob at a time.

Invisible Cabaret is intended for a wide audience (18+ of course, due to nudity, sexual themes and bawdy banter!); burlesque fans, variety lovers, vintage enthusiasts... Most importantly, however, Invisible Cabaret is for anyone who has ever struggled with their mental health, or who has known or supported a loved one through their own struggles. Balancing upfront and challenging performances that are sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, the show is carefully orchestrated to make sure audience members leave educated, enthralled and entertained!

Theatre & Performance
22:3014 — 15 Mar
Cavern - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
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About the company

Invisible Cabaret

Invisible Cabaret was founded by performers Rosalind Peters and Rochelle Thomas, known by their 'burlesque names' as Rosie Verbose and Ferrero Rochelle. The troupe consists of members specialised in various different art forms, including dance, burlesque, songwriting and more.

The original vision behind Invisible Cabaret was to express currently stigmatised themes through historically stigmatised art forms. The pairing of disciplines such as burlesque and comedy with mental health topics may be initially surprising. However, through research and collaboration, each member of the Invisible Cabaret troupe is able to depict their raw, vulnerable, authentic experience: sometimes triumphant, sometimes broken, always honest.

The all-female troupe includes students, actors, and even a newly-qualified nurse. Existing numbers explore themes such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, intrusive thoughts, and the importance of seeking medical help. The company's ultimate aim is to espouse and embody liberation from the stigma and shame surrounding issues of mental health.


Invisible Cabaret co-founded & directed by Rochelle Thomas & Rosalind Peters.

Press & Reviews

Happiful Magazine: 'From the inclusivity, to empowerment, and the conversations that start under the spotlight and continue long after the last sequin has been cleaned up, Invisible Cabaret is working... I left feeling rejuvenated and hopeful.'

Audience reviews:
'Somewhat overwhelmed with all the emotions. If you get the chance to see these talented, quirky, sassy, funny, uplifting kickass humans snap it up!'
'Totally original and completely engaging! Laugh, cry, think, repeat!'