Kayla MacQuarrie: Traumatised

Presented by Kayla MacQuarrie

Kayla MacQuarrie is Traumatised. She'll tell lots of jokes about it though so stick with her and we'll all get through this together. From an Essex-based sad weird kid to a less sad trans lesbian loudmouth. She's grown up, gotten hurt, and she's still here and ready to share in her debut hour.

Winner: Best Comedy Show Award, Brewery Fringe Festival

21:45 13 Feb
Vaulty Towers - Lower Marsh
1hr 00m
Combo OfferFemale LedLGBTQ+Newcomer
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About the company

Kayla MacQuarrie

Kayla MacQuarrie is honest, sincere and just a bit self-absorbed. An ex weird kid turned lesbian loudmouth. She's energetic and upbeat without much reason to be. Kayla has performed at Soho Theatre, Bar Wotever, SHE Soho, Them Downstairs, and many London open mics. Her show "Traumatised" was previously awarded the "Best Comedy Show" award at the Brewery Fringe Festival and she is a member of the Soho Young Company.


Comedian: Kayla MacQuarrie