Ken Cheng: Chinese Comedian

An ex-mathematician professional poker player does comedy.

Cambridge University drop-out and now professional poker player, Ken brings his debut solo show to the Vault Festival!

Ken has a unique analytical brain. He could do long division at the age of five. To Ken, life is an equation and comedy is chemistry.

A BBC (British born Chinese) who’s long forgotten his first language, Mandarin, Ken uses his incomplete degree in Mathematics – and Powerpoint – to examine the way we communicate today.

Winner of the Dave Joke of the Fringe Award 2017
BBC New Comedy Award Finalist
BBC New Talent Hotlist 2017

1hr 00m
The Vaults
09 — 10 Feb 22:00
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About the company

Ken Cheng dropped out of Cambridge University to earn a living playing online poker. He then turned his eye to comedy, reaching the 2015 BBC New Comedy Award Finals.

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It was a smart, impressive and brilliantly funny tour-de-comedy