An evening of cloak and daggers - a one man interactive spy story.

Join the Spymaster for an evening of cloak & daggers.

Lamplighters is an immersive experience where together, the Spymaster and audience will improvise spy story inspired by the works of John Le Carre. Part improv show, part interactive story, part immersive game this will be a hilarious evening of drama, deception and treachery.

Control, M15’s spymaster has gathered his network of spies together because he fears one among them is a mole. Together he asks them to “recount” a recent espionage misadventure. Each audience suggestion is treated as a memory allowing Control to piece together the story. Audience members steer the story with their suggestions, but will also be called upon to play various characters, sound effects and objects as Control tells the story.

Audiences will be gradually coaxed and coached into interacting more and more, through a series of veiled improv games and techniques. Eventually grasping the narrative for themselves and taking agency within it. All the while trying to find Control’s mole, so the show also functions as a cooperative game with a betrayal element, with a smattering of baordgame mechanics throughout.

In a loving parody of the Le Carre’s Cold War era masterpiece’s expect cigarettes, whiskey, gentlemens’ clubs as well as appearances from George Smiley, Karla, Alec Guinness, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch. Also, a Dubliner desperately trying to sound convincingly like English public schoolboy for 60 minutes. A trip behind the Iron Curtain has never been so fun.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
31 Jan — 04 Feb 19:30
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About the company

Neil Connolly

Having been involved in some of the biggest interactive theatre shows of the last 4 years, Neil Connolly had specialised in audience interaction, improvisation and agency through the likes of DifferencEngine’s HEIST, Specifiq Mystery at the Museum and Crystal Maze. Recently Neil has been teaching interactive theatre at National Theatre and directed a show in the form for their youth programme, introducing a whole new generation of theatre makers to the genre. Neil has been at the heart of this movement since 2010 when he joined Theatre Delicatessen and The Lab Collective as associate artist. Having freelanced for several companies for many years he now branched out to create solo work.

As well as making improvised interactive theatre, Neil is a performance artist, game designer and massive fan of John Le Carré.

Artistic Team
Written & Performed by
Neil Connolly
Directed by
Dean Rogers