Major Tom

One idiot. 34 Million Miles. A LOT of Bruce Springsteen.

Tom Moores is obsessed with Bruce Springsteen.
Tom Moores is on his way to Mars.
Tom Moores is a serial over-achiever; witty, urbane and totally, totally rational.

Only one of these statements is untrue…and it ain’t the one about Bruce Springsteen, or Mars.

Tom, up to this point, has had only one remarkable characteristic: his obsessive fandom of Bruce. Now, after being picked for the five-year space program, Mission à Mars (it’ll make sense), he must confront some of the things he’ll be leaving behind.

But will it be one step forward, or two steps back?

Having debuted at Vault 2017, Major Tom returns for two nights only, with its heart-warming, barn-storming, booty-shaking, teeth-grating tale of fathers and sons, stars and their fans, and finding the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

1hr 00m
Network Theatre
10 — 11 Feb 18:15
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About the company

Artistic Team
Written & Performed by
Tom Moores
Directed by
Joe Hufton