Moonlight Hustle

Rogue Productions

Site Specific / Immersive / Pop-Ups & Vehicle Venues
13 Mar, 20 Mar
Cavern - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 10m
Crime Immersive Interactive
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Moonlight Hustle

An immersive game of competitive crime.

Criminals gather from around the world to compete in the Moonlight Hustle - The Gala event of thieves, cat burglars and con artists. The winner will join The Commission, the elite of the international criminal underworld. Somehow, you’ve nabbed yourself an invite.

Treasures are on display and the competition is simple: Steal them before midnight.

The Master of Ceremonies gathers everyone to attention. Tonight, he is your host and judge on behalf of The Commission. He reveals a collection of treasures, each with a different value and security to overcome. Whichever gang steals the most valuable treasure with the least suspicion will be crowned champion.

The gangs are led by veteran criminals, representatives from powerful factions in the underworld, all vying for a place on The Commission. Each has a master plan to execute, but they need thieves to pull off the heist - That’s where you come in.

Moonlight Hustle is from Rogue, the team that has created hit immersive games and experiences such as Heist, Time Run, The Crystal Maze Live and Ruckus.

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About Rogue Productions

"Modern audiences want to play, not watch."

Rogue is a theatre company that make playable worlds. We create escape games, immersive theatre and experiences.

The key for us is to place our audience at the centre of the story. We use the power of play and immersion to make our audience into Heroes. To make them into Rogues.

Rogue was founded by Dean Rodgers, a pioneer of immersive entertainment. Dean has been behind some of London’s biggest immersive hits. Credits include: Heist (2014), Time Run (2015), The Crystal Maze (2016), The ‘Neath (2017), Alcatraz the Breakout (2018), Ruckus (2018).

Megan Taylor is a Creative Producer and Company Manager who has worked in a variety of capacities across West End, Immersive, Musical and Applied Theatre. This is Megan’s debut production at Vault Festival, and she is excited to bring the Criminal Underworld to its first home underground. Credits include: Cabaret (2019), Wicked (2018), Alice’s Adventures Underground (2017) and much work in education at Momentum Performing Arts Academy and The Royal Academy of Music.

Original Concept by Megan Taylor
Created by Dean Rodgers & Megan Taylor
Presented by Rogue Productions

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Moonlight Hustle

Rogue Productions

Dates & Times

Moonlight Hustle

Rogue Productions

Press & Reviews

Praise for Rogue’s previous work:

“Totally brilliant!” - Time Out

“As an immersive experience I’m not sure it can be bettered.” - Exeunt

“Made me a better theatre goer.” - The Stage

“SO MUCH FUN” - Metro

Time Out Critic’s Choice

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

VAULT Festival People’s Choice Award

Moonlight Hustle

Rogue Productions

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