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Mortified revolves around people sharing the embarrassing artefacts they created as teenagers, diaries, poetry or novels etc. In the process, they reveal stories about their lives. It’s funny and often heartwarming.

The show itself is a global phenomenon. There are chapters around the world where people come together to share their teen angst. The podcast was voted the ‘No.1 Storytelling podcast’ by the Guardian. There is a documentary and a 6 part TV show on Netflix. But the heart of Mortified is the live experience.

We are the London chapter. We’ve been going for 3 years now and we’re presenting a special late night lonely hearts edition of Mortified Live at the Vaults festival for Valentine's day. Come and bear witness as our brave participants share their teenage romantic misadventures.

Theatre & Performance
22:45 15 Feb
Crescent - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
Combo OfferComedyDramaEntertainment
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About the company

Mortified London

Mortified London is the London chapter of the international show Mortified. Mortified has been running for 16 years and now has chapters all over the world, just like a cult. The only real difference between Mortified and a cult is that we're not a cult.


Producers; Marcus Bernard, Elaine Kasket, Hannah Rogers and Reuben Williams.

Press & Reviews

“A cultural phenomenon!” – Newsweek

“Hilarious” – The Atlantic

“Enlightening!” – Esquire

“Unbearably intimate... completely funny!” – The AV Club

“Thrilling” – Refinery 29

“Captivating!” – Entertainment Weekly

“Excruciatingly funny!” – Marie Claire

“Funny... a cathartic experience.” – TimeOut London

“Awkwardly awesome” – Emmy Magazine

“Some of the juiciest real life tragedies” – TimeOut NY

“Bold” – TimeOut NY

“Excellent” – Wired

“Comic genius” –

“Funny and horrifying” – USA Today’s Pop Candy

“Embarrassing, hilarious and just plain wrong” – Bust Magazine

“Riveting!” – Jane Magazine

“Wildly entertaining!” – Instinct Magazine

“A litany of mortifying moments” – LA Times Magazine

“Lovely” – Boston Globe

“Spreading the new gospel of awkward all over the land.” – Daily Candy

“Self-deprecation taken to a whole new level” – New York Press

“Go laugh at how marginally better your life is than theirs.” – Gawker

“Heartbreakingly hilarious tales of personal woe & social catastrophe!” – Flavorpill NY

“Never laughed so hard!” – Los Angeles Confidential

“Genuinely entertaining, but also subversively profound and surprisingly moving.” – Washington Post

“Comedy gold... funny, touching, and intensely relatable... (a) celebration of the maelstrom of emotions, careful posturing, and naked vulnerability that make up adolescence.” – Wired

“Funny... inspiring” – LA Weekly

“Cringeworthy” – Pitchfork

“Fun” – Thrillist

“Everyone who had a childhood needs to see Mortified Nation.” – Huffington Post

“Why would anyone ever volunteer to do something so humiliating? As it turns out, there are lots of answers.” – TIME

“I love this” – USA Today’s Pop Candy

“Spills your deepest darkest teenage secrets” – The Guardian

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wince!” – GOOD Magazine

“Remarkable” – Los Angeles Magazine

“Hilarious... like giving your teen self a big old hug.” – Rookie Magazine

“Wonderfully cringeworthy” – The Guardian

“Laugh-out-loud funny” – Bustle