My Brother, The Playwright (Work In Progress)

Presented by Jonas Müller (TH)

My name is Jakob Müller. Twin brother of Jonas, the playwright. I'm sad to say that, when you read this, I will be dead. In my final days I will finish writing my first play. My dying wish is that my brother will perform it. Blind. This is a ''show'' in which a performer read his estranged brother's first play while he sees the words on the paper for the first time in his life. A show about family, talent, grief and lies. About us. ''In talking about art, they prove it’s worth making it.'' – The Scotsman

Theatre & Performance
18:10 10 Mar
Brick Hall - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
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About the company

Jonas Müller (TH)

Jonas Müller is a playwright and performer. Jonas often collaborates with Dutch playwright, writer and comedian Tim Honnef.
Their previous work includes: The Lonely Poet (or: The Pleonasm), Jonas Müller Regrets Writing This F*cking Masterpiece and The Expiration Date of Jonas Müller (Age 70).

The main themes in Müller and Honnef's work are identity, the thin line between fiction and reality, mental health, insecurity and grief. My Brother, the Playwright will be the third and last piece in their ''Jonas Müller Trilogy''.
Tim will also be touring the Netherlands in 2019/2020 with his 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show The Shallow Entertainment Tour.


Writer: Jakob Müller / Jonas Müller
Performer: Jonas Müller
Advise: Tim Honnef

Press & Reviews

Praise for previous work:

The Scotsman
''One of the 18 must-see shows at the Fringe 2018'' (Critic's Choice)

The Scotsman
''Noir-like quality. I really hope this isn't their last play. In talking about art, they prove it's worth making it''
''A fascinating curiosity of the Fringe and an intriguing piece of experimental theatre''

The List
''A sweet, touching story of unrequited love; a dark confessional on obsession and an inability to deal with contemporary life; and an elusive reflection on authorship and identity (...) it's a warm-hearted, poetic hour, fragile and poignant.''

He interests me and has made me wonder about the progression of theatre and how the Fringe Festival is impacting on that. A must-see.''