Northern Stage’s NORTH Takeover: And She

Bonnie and The Bonnettes

Musicals & Gig Theatre
08 Feb, 09 Feb
Crescent - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 10m
Gig Theatre Storytelling Women’s Voices
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Flashing lights, loud music, strong language
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Northern Stage’s NORTH Takeover: And She

Advice taken and ignored, tellings off, pep talks and tales of her past. We were always scared of sounding just like her but maybe she was right about some things.

Part gig, part their mums' living rooms, Bonnie and The Bonnettes delve into motherhood, womanhood and femininity through conversations with their mums, armed with three microphones, music, and a bottle of prosecco.

They are a tribe of women that have shown us the way and it's time to celebrate, so put on a buffet and crack open the bubbly because they are our mums and it's about time we chanted it.

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About Bonnie and The Bonnettes

Bonnie and The Bonnettes was founded in 2016 and are a theatre company based in the North East. Our work is sometimes about us, sometimes about other people, but mostly about the world we live in.
We like it when audiences laugh. We like it when they think. We really like it when they do both at the same time.
​Our work is loud, fun, and unapologetic.


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Northern Stage’s NORTH Takeover: And She

Bonnie and The Bonnettes

Dates & Times

Northern Stage’s NORTH Takeover: And She

Bonnie and The Bonnettes

Press & Reviews

Now Then Magazine "Their three way storytelling is dynamic and seamless, the chemistry between them patent."

Now Then Magazine "And She is real and relatable, and brimming with a selection of some of the best soundbites you're likely to encounter."

Now Then Magazine "It's pop perfection."

Audience Member “A glorious tribute to womanhood, motherhood and childhood.”

British Theatre Guide “It’s funny, bright and even a bit brash, loud and lively, colourful and glittery.”

NARC Magazine “Their production ideas sparkle as they play with theatre and create energy and humour with originality.”

Get the Chance ***** “These mothers are great and ordinary. And She is distilled everyday life.”

Get the Chance ***** 'The perfect antidote to Autumn blues."


Audience Member “It’s a glittery, toe tapping pant wetting riot”

North East Reviews “Drag Me to Love is the ultimate feel good experience”

Everything Theatre **** “I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and sparkly night out with some toe-tapping tunes”

Northern Stage’s NORTH Takeover: And She

Bonnie and The Bonnettes

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