Northern Stage’s NORTH Takeover

Groundbreaking shows from the brightest rising artistic talent in the North East. Handpicked by Northern Stage, the largest producing theatre company in the North East, expect fresh and innovative new work.

The VAULT Festival takeovers showcase ambitious new work from artists based outside of London and performance makers new to the industry. By working closely with leading cultural organisations around the UK, our takeovers support them to enter and thrive in the creative sector, contributing to a more sustainable, accessible, and representative industry for all.

Tiny Fragments of Beautiful Light (Rehearsed Reading)

Allison Davies
15th February


Imagine living life as if you were invisible, or as if you were trying to get into a building without any doors…

Elsa’s life has never been boring, though it’s often been a struggle. She doesn’t know why she never quite fits in, perhaps it’s just the way she’s made? She’s quirky and kind and clever and funny, but school was always a nightmare, and romance was a mystery; until now.

Elsa meets Carmen who just seems to ‘get her’. Carmen sets her on the road to finding the key to who she is, and why it feels like there’s an octopus living inside her head.

Tiny Fragments of Beautiful Light is an immersive, interactive exploration of one woman’s journey of self discovery, and a celebration of the joy and freedom that comes when we live as we truly are.

Mama’s Cabaret

Jenni Winter
15th – 16th February


They say every new mother has a maternal instinct. Well Mama Cabaret is still waiting for hers to kick in…

Convinced she is on the cusp of a glittering career (a position she has held for some years now) she reluctantly bids farewell to the bright lights and the big city (and the string of rejections) to embark on her most challenging role to date. Join Mama Cabaret as she swaps Rocky Horror for Rock-a-bye Baby; Kinky Boots for knitted mittens; and Singing in the Rain for splashing in puddles in yellow wellies.

Written and performed by Jenni Winter of Calico Cats Cabaret. Previous shows contained “a wonderful amount of music and silliness” with “completely wonderful music, brilliantly performed- Jenni is a marvel!” (audience reviews, Calico Cats Lockdown Cabaret).


Steven Blackshaw
16th – 17th February


A new show based on all those 2D bits of paper we’ve collected (and the ones we’ve never received). Celebrating the achievements we’ve made, however big or small.

Certificates is a fun filled night of missed opportunities, broken dreams, happy accidents and small victories. This up-beat, humorous solo show features story telling, comedy, an intoxicating PowerPoint presentation and, yes, certificates. Bring your friends, your parents, those bits of coloured ribbon too, while we celebrate all that is great about being you.

Bring Your Own Certificates (or BYOC as it’s known in the biz). That’s right, why not join in with Steven and bring your most cherished achievements with you to the show? Got a stellar piece of laminated paper you’d like to share? Maybe you’ve got one of those swimming badges? Either way, bring it with you and wear it with pride on the night!

Happy Meal

Sam Bell
18th – 19th February


When Liz lands her dream role on Broadway, she’s on the first flight to JFK, NYC, USA. She envisions picnics in Central Park, cocktails with DiCaprio and dusk-lit trips to the deworming centre with Cher. Unfortunately Liz neglected to read her contract’s small print – clown…McDonald’s…Guantanamo…

Determined to find the comedy in her own tragic life, Liz sets up the Camp’s first independent-fast-food-restaurant-based-theatre-company with her imaginary friend – Arnie Grape from 1993’s ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’ But when messages from the base’s longest-serving detainee begin to appear on burger boxes and tray sheets, in ketchup and milkshake, Liz finds her true motivation – to stage a musical powerful enough to blow the Bay’s doors off.


BRASH Theatre Company
20th February


This is our book of spells. We put words in here, so that a change comes out.
In here, you will find spells that protest
That rebel
That reclaim
That reconjure
That seep under your skin
and haunt.

In here, you will hear stories you’ve probably heard before. But we hope that we never have to tell again.
Now, as we begin, we ask you to be open
To fall under our spells
And be the change that emerges.

Born from teenage girls’ experiences of gendered school uniform policies, Ankles is a live Book of Spells to cast away victim-blaming culture. Through a whirlwind of poetry, movement, and a haunting musical score, we ask, when will we stop teaching kids that it’s girls’ responsibility to keep themselves safe from sexual violence?


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