Pope’s Addiction Clinic

Presented by Pope Lonergan

An Alcoholic Anonymous style comedy show where comedians and audience members bear the fruit of confession. The worst, the most abject, the most private and perverted aspects of our lives - turned into funny and shameless stories for your viewing pleasure. WE'LL ENSURE COMEDY AND CATHARSIS.

Wednesday 23rd January: Joe Sutherland, Harriet Dyer, Kat Bond, Helen Duff, Lucy Hopkins & Matthew McAloone

Thursday 24th January: Gráinne Maguire, Nick Helm, Nathan Cassidy, Stephen Bailey & Alfie Brown // Guest MC: Davina Bentley

Friday 25th January: Fern Brady, Helen Bauer, Christian Talbot, Paul Merryck & Andy Zapp

Saturday 26th January: Sidhu Vee, Sunil Patel, Joe Davies, Ben Targét, Jack Rooke & Karon Lonergan

18:4523 — 26 Jan
Travelling Through Bookshop - Lower Marsh
1hr 00m
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About the company

Pope Lonergan

Pope Lonergan is a stand-up comedian, drug addict, Quaker and co-creator of ‘The Care Home Tour’. He’s appeared in BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Art of Now’ and a BBC pilot for ‘Russell Brand: Your Problem’.

He’s been described as “a fresh voice in comedy with such an interesting perspective. So honest, raw, different and brilliant” by Lou Sanders and “a comedy happening” by Tony Law.

He’s currently working on a stage adaptation of ‘Oblomov’ by Ivan Goncharov - when he can bothered.


HOST: Pope Lonergan

GUEST COMEDIANS: Helen Bauer, Joe Sutherland, Gráinne Maguire, Nathan Cassidy, Alfie Brown, Stephen Bailey, Fern Brady, Sindhu Vee, Nick Helm, Matthew McAloone, Harriet Dyer, Kat Bond, Sunil Patel, Jack Rooke, Ben Targét, Joe Davies, Harriet Dyer, Helen Duff, Christian Talbot, Davina Bentley, Paul Merryck and Andy Zapp.

MUM: Karon Lonergan.

Press & Reviews

iNews // “Laid out bare, but contained within these four walls, the stories are awkward, humiliating, awful and hilarious, occasionally shocking but deeply compelling”

British Comedy Guide // “He’s certainly dabbled”