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International success Pramkicker is an unflinching look at what it means to be a modern woman.

Why are women who choose to stay child-free selfish, or worse, tragic?

How the fuck do you decide if you even want kids before your biological clock bashes its bell?
And what about finding the right love first?
Life, you prick. Love, you fuck.

"A blistering script" - Washington Post
“Terrific” – The Scotsman
"Mighty...Joyful...Uplifting" - Sydney Arts Guide
"Desperately funny... satisfying & emotionally resonant” – The Stage
“Hilarious... sex jokes so rude it’s worth not having children just so they’d never have to hear them” – Fest

Theatre & Performance
18:1023 — 24 Jan
Brick Hall - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
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About the company

Old Trunk

Written by Sadie Hasler
Directed by Sarah Mayhew

Old Trunk is a two-woman theatrical operation dedicated to creating strong roles for women, in plays about women, driven by women.

They also simultaneously thwack back all the shit that comes with being female, from Essex, working class, & poor as fuck.

Pramkicker is published by Methuen Drama.


Jude - Sarah Mayhew
My Brother is a Mermaid (After Everything Entertainment), White Gold (BBC), Fran & Leni (Old Trunk), One Night Stand (Dave Channel), Guerrilla Gig (BBC3), Quirkish Delight (Host & Improviser).

Susie - Sadie Hasler
Harry Hill’s What Are The Chances (ITV), Al Murray’s Multiple Personality Disorder & Happy Hour (ITV), series 4-7 of Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC), Rebecca Front’s Little Cracker (SKY), Walk On The Wild Side (BBC), Fran & Leni (Old Trunk)

Press & Reviews

Praise for previous:

GQ - “Twisted genius”
The Stage - ★★★★ "Profanity meets poetry”
Vive la Rock magazine - ★★★★★ “Unrelenting amazingness... Theatrical magic... BLOODY AMAZING”
Three Weeks - ★★★★ “Bizarre, oddly touching comedy... like Father Ted with a darker streak.”