The darkly comic, weird life of horror writer HP Lovecraft.

“Life is a hideous thing.”

And Lovecraft’s was no exception.

Prepare to be amazed, terrified, and driven insane! Great Cthulhu may be sleeping in sunken R’lyeh, but here in Providence, Lovecraft can’t get a wink.

In the early 20th century, there lived a man whose ceaseless writing would never grant him fame or success in his life but would change the definition of horror forever. He had a mental breakdown when he was eighteen. He lived with his mother until he was 30. He loathed seafood, loved coffee and hated anyone who wasn’t an 18th Century English Gentleman. Including himself. This man was Howard Phillips Lovecraft, from Providence, Rhode Island, and his weird tales showed the world that there are horrors beyond human control and understanding. Ancient sleeping Gods beneath the sea, telepathic aliens from beyond the stars and monsters, the mere sight of which would drive sane folk mad.

Dominic Allen (Belt-Up, A Common Man) and Simon Maeder (Superbolt Theatre) invite you on what promises to be one of the strangest theatrical experiences of your stupid, ignorant life. Bear witness to the life of a man some called ‘genius’* others ‘pathologically racist’** and make up your own damn mind.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.”

Praise for Simon Maeder
“Can there be such a thing as perfect clowning?” — Stuart Black | Londonist
“Superbolt have that special type of genius.”— Steven Walker | Fringe Guru
“As superb a mover as he is a comic character actor.” — Rivka Jacobsen | Plays to See

Praise for Dominic Allen
“Allen brings history to life.” – Sarah Virgo | ThreeWeeks
“Allen’s prodigious talents are on full display throughout.” – Jordan Shaw | The List
“A daring and electric performance.” – Graeme Strachan | British Theatre Guide

* Yves Bonnefoy
** Charles Baxter

1hr 00m
The Vaults
31 Jan — 04 Feb 21:15
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About the company

Dominic Allen & Simon Maeder

Simon Maeder
Simon is best known for his work with Superbolt Theatre (The Jurassic Parks, Mars Actually) and his show ‘Licensed To Ill’. He trained at the Jacques Lecoq School of Movement in Paris and has been creating professional theatre for 6 years. “As superb a mover as he is a comic character actor” (PlaysToSee) Simon specialises in physical comedy and voice work. His writing with Superbolt and ‘Licensed’ has received several awards, some from VAULT Festival and 3 ‘Offie’ nominations.

Dominic Allen
Dominic is an Artistic Director of Belt Up Theatre and is the creator of ‘A Common Man’, his critically acclaimed solo show about Thomas Paine. He trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and went on to win the Peter O’Toole Prize. He has worked as an actor with Sally Cookson, Tom Morris and Les Enfants Terribles, and as a puppeteer with Finn Caldwell. His writing has been performed in the UK, USA and Australia.