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RedHanded is an exciting true crime podcast of murder, wit and 'WTF's – and in this their first ever live show Hannah and Suruthi will throw the deeply disturbing case of the 'Hinterkaifeck' massacre under the microscope. The girls will delve into this bizarre story of an entire family who were brutally butchered in their remote farmhouse – examining claims of sinister hauntings, mysterious footsteps in the snow, incestuous relationships and finally, the horrors of what happened in the barn...

Prepare to laugh, gasp and grimace your way through this shocking live show.

Varies26 Jan — 08 Feb
Pit - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
BAMEFemale LedInteractive
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About the company


2 years ago, Suruthi and Hannah had never met. They met at a party in Poplar, drank a bit too much wine, started talking at each other about the still unsolved murder of Jonbenet Ramsey and the rest is history.
RedHanded is a true passion project that we have shaped and built around our very full time jobs and it is the only podcast to be recognised by the British Podcast Awards that is recorded under makeshift bedroom duvet forts.
Over the past 12 months RedHanded has been featured twice by Apple Podcasts, and had a 'Moors Murders' special featured on the front page of Stitcher. We were also the only indie podcast, and only one of two podcasts hosted by women, to make it into the Top 20 of the Listeners' Choice at the 2018 British Podcast Awards.


Host: Hannah Maguire
Host: Suruthi Bala

Stage Manager: Andie Dew

Press & Reviews

"The doyennes of creepy British podcasting" - Acast

"Such good story tellers... you have me laughing out loud" - Expelliarbooks

"You both make me laugh out loud...which can be weird on public transport" - AdeleB2661

"To make matters worse, they shoehorn feminism into everything" - Aliphant

"This podcast is the perfect blend of intelligence, crime, debate and humour!" - Amy Tab

"Well researched, respectful, and the hosts have a great connection" - Big Green Monster Face Dom

"Just great entertainment. Every other podcast pales in comparison" - chelseah789