Drugs, sex work, manipulation - street theatre like never before.

‘Rubber’ is performed in a real, moving car. So come and sit in the back seats of Jess and Tom’s car, who’re in a loving relationship. Right?

Jess loves Tom. Tom loves Jess. And drugs. And money. And power.

This fly-on-the-wall experience puts the audience into the capable hands of Tom, who is driving Jess around for her first call of the day. Living in a society where they have turned to sex work just to pay the bills, how could things get worse for them? But when Tom’s hidden truths come to light, the road gets a bit bumpy.

Buckle in, literally, for “immersive theatre at its finest”. One man’s struggle to control himself versus one woman’s struggle to break free.

‘Rubber’ explores the tough realities of emotional and physical dependencies that the millennial generation can be driven to by a world that increasingly doesn’t want them.”

1hr 00m
The Vaults
24 Jan — 18 Mar 18:00
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About the company

Pentire Street Productions

Pentire Street Productions began as a group of students in 2015 as a cross-university collaboration. Since then, based in London, we have worked in varying areas of the performing arts, from music videos to Shakespeare. Starting off by producing music videos for bands such as Yossarian, we have produced short films, a 3 week run of our ‘fascinating re-imagination’ of ‘Richard III’ in London and also an educational outreach programme to offer the chance for inner London secondary schools to make their own films! Alongside this we also offer corporate services to create a range of media coverage/promotional content.

‘Rubber’ was our very first theatrical production which debuted at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe to huge sell-out success and we can’t wait to bring it to VAULT Festival.

In all of our work, we aim to bridge the gap between the student and professional industries, to try and make the arts more accessible and offer opportunities along the way.

Artistic Team
Produced by
Matthew Turbett
Directed by
Patrick Wilson
Assistant Director
Rebecca Vaa

Press & Reviews

A Younger Theatre

★★★★ Immersive theatre at its finest

Jacob Baldwin

Realism in this piece was immaculate

Just You and B

★★★★★ The most inventive, innovative performance I've seen

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