Sisters: Work In Progress

Crtically acclaimed sketch d00dz Sisters drop a fat new WIP.

After a sellout debut show at the Edinburgh Fringe, critically acclaimed sketch d00dz Sisters are busying themselves with a brand new work in progress show that’ll poke its little head out at Vault Festival. Rejected concepts so far include: ‘Sisters get a dog’, ‘Dog gets a Sisters’ and ‘Sisters: But ARE they though?!’. Expect an hour of new ideas, probably but not definitely whipped up into some sort of edible narrative shape.

1hr 00m
The Vaults
17 Mar 20:45
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About the company

Just a couple of neat guys really.

Press & Reviews

Rupert Hawksley, The Telegraph

"A genuinely exciting new voice in sketch comedy" ★★★★

Brian Donaldson, The List

"They've given the double act genre a real shot in the arm" ★★★★

EdFringe Reviews

"One of the most original sketch comedy shows at the fringe this year" ★★★★

"Stands out as a must-see this year...uplifting, escapist comedy at its best... an impeccably brilliant pair" ★★★★

Voice Mag

"You won't be able to stop yourself from laughing" ★★★★

Broadway Baby

"Gut bustingly funny" ★★★★

(Theatre Weekly)

"A fantastic fringe debut" ★★★★

Broadway World

"A really original, slick debut from a fantastically dark sketch duo with a bright future" ★★★★

Three Weeks

"See them now if you want to witness the birth of something special" ★★★★