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Sketch You Up! A brand new comedy sketch show written by Dan Robinson. The Sketches are observational and familiar with a contemporary twist. Let us throw you into a world where pushy mums will stop at literally nothing to see their kids become stars, where call centre operators hold painful secrets and a world where being straight, is unique. Brace yourselves as we Sketch You Up!

22:50 07 Feb
Pit - The Vaults, Leake Street
1hr 00m
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About the company

Sketch You Up!

Dan Robinson started writing his sketch show in 2015 after feeling he wanted to take sketch back to the observational and familiar genre he so loved growing up. Dan draws on experiences from his past jobs from working in a call centre to teaching drama to kid’s and dealing with their pushy mums. As a gay man, Dan also draws on his experiences and perceptions of his sexuality; In the sketch you up world, being gay is the norm. Sketch You Up is made up of great actors, who are not just funny, but are great character actors who can pay multi roles and also sing.....sing well! We have a great director, Lisa Millar, who has been with the project form the start. Sketch You Up! has only be going just under a year, with sell out shows, a YouTube Channel, growing with subscribers with more celebrity names lined up for future sketches.... we cant believe the support, and can't thank those audiences who keep coming back....THANK YOU!


Director - Lisa Millar
Writer - Dan Robinson
Performer - Mark Dugdale
Performer - Rebecca McKinnis
Performer - Dan Robinson
Perfromer - Rachael Wooding

Press & Reviews

"Had such a great time @sketchyouup last night, can't wait for the channel launch! #comedygold" Kindle Entertainment

"HILARIOUS! Looking forward to seeing more" Mitch Sebastian (Director)